Monday, 20 February 2017

The Last Goodbye

This may sound melodramtic but Im sending you this b ecause I want you to bee the last person I speak two I cant talk long

I fell and I’m all busted up they told me not to try this walk alone but I didnnt listen I activated my emerggency beacon but I dont know if they will get to me in time. UC I fell such a long, long way. The pain is gonne, stopped a few minutes ago and nomally that wood be a good thing. But I guess that means I’m bleeding out and if they dont get to me in time I want you to be what Im thinking of.

My hand is shaking, I cant type. 

The beauties of modern technology (apart from predictive tess, I mean I’m dick tainting into the bastard phone now and it keeps guessing the words it cant understand that should be funny but I wanted this toby my words to you so that you know how I feel have always felt.

theres no wifi hear as theres no data no network and therefore no way to send this but when they find me the phone will pick up the signal again in the valet below this mountain and you’ll get it maybe a few hours maybe a few daze I’m going to put the phone in battery saver mood when I stop. Eat will last for days in that state but when the phone gets a signal again it will send this.

The sun is setting in front of me. It’s so beautiful. Red and purple and orange. So very beautiful. 

I want you too know that I love you and I always have. I used to dance around this and you thought I wasn’t that into you but i was glad I found the courage to tell you. its many years since we met now and the last time I saw you you looked so beautiful. you always did. how does that line go age can never weather her. weather. weather. fucking phone. wither finally.

If there’s anything beyond this world, any life where I might be able to find you then I will. I wish you’d spent your life with me but my own crap got in the way. You married a nice guy. not my cup of tea but then I guess you kneaded stability.

I was always running around I could never settle down and I had nothing to offer you hang on I can hear them, their below me now. I can see the torches. Shouting. over here, up here. shit my voice is so faint now. My hand is shaking I’m so tired now I can feel my eyes closing. I don’t feel anything now, I guess this might be it. I love you, so much. I wanted you to know this and that my last thoughts are of you. 

Live a wonderful life babe. Your children are beautiful and they are so sweet, especially your daughter. If you receive this then please don’t be sad. 

I have to go while I can still save this. I love you.

Message saved 9.08pm, 22nd April 2017.

Message sent 12.31am, 23rd April 2017.

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