Saturday, 25 February 2017

Keenly Meanly, Time To Go

I was going to make this a long drawn out rant about Political Correctness and how unbelievably shite the UK has become.

I also thought of ranting about how TV characters like Gene Hunt from Life On Mars and Ashes To Ashes are loved by everyone including damp gussetted Guardian feminists due to the fact that men of his ilk don't really exist any more, especially in higher mangement of the police.

It also crossed my mind to extrapolate on just how someone like Donald Trump could rise to power as US President in a world that has theoretically lost that type of nasty horrid person.

But I know I'll get pissed off and this will degenerate into a round of Tourette's Corner so I'll be relatively brief.

Recently an ignorant, moany cunt (and Methodist) named Ian Lucraft went into a UK branch of Primark and saw a Walking Dead t-shirt on display. The t-shirt had the words "Eeny, meeny, miny, mo" printed on the front and a picture of a baseball bat covered in razor wire.

Mr Lucraft was so offended by this t-shirt that he spoke to someone in the shop and then wrote to Primark customer services. Primark, being pussies and afraid of losing business, then concurred with the opinion and stopped selling the shirt.

Reason? Mr Lucraft only knew the version of "Eeeny Meeny" that had the word "nigger" in it. He clearly had no concept that the one with the dreaded N-word in it was ONE version in a children's rhyme dating back to pre-1820. According to that online treasure trove of info, Wikipedia "There are many common variations, such as replacing tiger with "piggy", "tinker", "tigger", "chicken", "monkey", "baby", "spider", "teacher", "miner", a two-syllable name, etc"

What gets on my tits more than anything about this guy's complaint is that (drum roll) he isn't black. The line that grated like nails on a blackboard was "It is directly threatening of a racist assault, and if I were black and were faced by a wearer I would know just where I stood."

Ahhh, but the rules are if ANYONE who sees/ hears (or in this case imagines) racism is offended...NOT the person of the racial group identified or implied.

That kind of makes sense if you think about it. It avoids the get out clause "But he/ she found it funy so what's your problem?" However here there isn't any racial context, something the cretinous Lucraft didn't consider. No he leapt up in a righteous rage of indignation, certain that there was at least a subliminal message of beating black people to death with barbed wire covered baseball bats (even though EVERY sodding version of the rhyme states "catch his toe, if he hollers let him go", nothing about bludgeoning to death with Babe Ruth's favourite sporting implement).

Lucraft found the t-shirt offensive because he's basically an ignorant twat. Had he researched this he might have...oh no, hang on. He probably WOULDN'T' have had his mind opened (a bit like Abraham and Glenn) to the fact that this wasn't racist as people like him don't want to admit they're wrong and he would have still insisted that EVEN THOUGH THERE WAS NO RACISM IN THAT EPISODE THE RHYME WOULD STILL SUBLIMINALLY TERRIFY ALL BLACK PEOPLE WHO SAW SOMEONE WEARING IT (assuming they weren't fans of the show).

In the episode in question Negan (a superb villain, which I say as a writer of novels where I try to create superb villains) has the 'heroes' of the Walking Dead on their knees and is going to execute one of them with his razor bat (which he affectionately calls Lucille). Unable to decide, he resorts to "Eeny Meeny, Miny, Mo" and selects a character named Abraham. Bashing his head in he compliments Abraham on "taking it like a champ". Tense, well acted, brilliantly edited (this was the cliffhanger between seasons as we saw the beating from the victim's perspective in the season 6 finale and had to wait until season 7's premiere to find out who had been selected).

Word of God (not Lucraft's church but what the show's creators said) is that the "Eeeny, Meeny" game was not random and Negan chose Abraham as he was the only one who maintained eye contact throughout and was therefore the biggest threat.

Point to note is that there were two black people among the potential victims, neither of which got chosen and the person pointed to on the word "tiger" was perennial badass Daryl Dixon (who, in the latest episode is seen stroking a tiger) and not any subliminal, Lucraftian crap with it being either Michonne or Sasha.

Years ago when Life on Mars came out, the character of Detective Chief Inspector Gene Hunt was seen as a welcome breath of un-pc air in a world that had gone too far up its own jacksie with regard to what MIGHT cause offence. A case that made me giggle was where a T-shirt with Gene's outburst "You great soft, sissy, girly, nancy, French, bender, Man United supporting poof!" was seen in a shop window by a man who went into the shop and asked that the T-shirt be removed as it was homophobic. The assistant apparently laughed at him and said he needed to take things in context. She added that one of her best friends was gay and if he had seen the show he would realise that the T-shirt was in no way homophobic.

Now we have this ignorant little shit who, ignorant of the ACTUAL context of what he was seeing, imposed his own perspective on it and believed it must be the only valid one. Best thing is that over 500 people (myself included) have signed a petition for the t-shirt to be PUT BACK on the shelves AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor who plays Negan, has hit out at the decision on Twitter, saying "Holy crap. People are stupid".

A few years ago the English & Welsh police breathed a collective sigh of relief when section 5 of the Public Order Act was amended to remove the word "insulting" from the definition. Reason? This bit of legislation had led to someone being prosecuted for calling a police horse "gay". Comedian Rowan Atkinson led the campaign saying he never thought life would imitate art, referring to a famous sketch he was in about a racist constable in the English police.

I seriously fucking despair sometimes. This bell end is on Facebook. I sent him a message voicing my distaste. Maybe do the same.

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  1. I never heard of any other version of eenie meanie without nigger in it until about 2005. Other places in the world maybe tiger or the others is more prevalent. Here in the uk amongst our generation Lance it was nigger. It no longer is in the playground so I reckon you have a fair point. But the whole thing is a complete non-story. Who gives a shit about what shit t-shirts primark choose to stock or not? The media playing again...


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