Tuesday, 6 September 2016

I Knew The Bride

Life is full of mysteries. Some gargantuan, some inconsequential. I move through my daily routines wondering just why certain things happen and if I'll ever get the answers.

Three years ago my brother Gary reminded me that, as a small boy, I would walk around the house constantly repeating the phrase "Alaskadie and the Seal of Rock & Roll". I'd forgotten all about this until he brought it but then recalled the strange expression and also that I would invoke it during our games as a mystery power that couldn't be explained if I wanted to one-up him in the stakes of superhero role playing.

He asked me where I'd got this from and what it actually meant and the truth was...I had no clue.

I did however think it sounded cool and named my 4th book with this title. I also wrote the sequel to my anti-bullying themes kids' novel THESUNDER OF THE OCTAGON...and gave the main hero the name Alaskadie.

I then more or less forgot about it again.

Regularly little mysteries are solved through chance encounters, conversing with strangers or actually Googling to find out.

The origin of the phrase 'nitty gritty', why Biros have a hole in the top of the cap, or how to tell what side of the hire car the petrol cap is on without getting out to look. All these are little gems that I've found out about as time has gone on.

Last night, after 39 years, I finally found out where the expression "Alaskadie and the Seal of Rock & Roll" originated from.

While having a late drink in Smerna bar in Plakias the DJ, an English ex pat who I've known for about 8 years, was playing a song which appeared have this line in it. Perplexed I put down my lager and mooched up to his booth for a chat. Turned out it was Nick Lowe's song "I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock & Roll". Being ever cynical I checked the date it came out and it was 1977...when I would have been about 6 years old.

Mystery solved.

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