Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Shadow Man

There was once a man who forever lived in the shadows. Daylight and the unpredictability of light scared him so he forever flirted on the very edges of the shade. He was not a coward in so much that he was capable and willing to try his hardest…within the confines of the shadows.

The man could predict the world of shadows. The world of grey and black hues would not suddenly hurt him, would not conspire to surprise him and could not burn him with its vividity. It was ultimately a very safe world.

The shadow world was cool, never burning or painful. It was soothing because of this and he felt safe in its embrace. He could have left at any time and stepped into the world of light but the irony was that he didn’t know that. 

By his own standards he had shown courage within the shades of his world. He had aspired to standards that were high, but the sad thing was that they were only high within this world. Outside it they were merely average. 

The man believed that the world beyond the one of shadows was scary, unpredictable and untamed. He thought that those who walked its paths were either foolhardy or unbelievably brave. He could not imagine that he would ever be happy walking with them or even near to them. Within the world of shadows everything was predictable, safe and more or less harmless.

But everything could also be very, very boring.

After many years living in this world of eternal grey, the man genuinely believed he had achieved high standards, and to his own codes he had. However, one day he decided to step to the very edge of the shadows and look at the world of light. Something he wanted to do was allowed within the shades and coolness of his world, and also to those who trod so infuriatingly calmly within the oranges, yellows and reds of the world of colour and light. His version of this was limited, reduced and curtailed compared to the one that the people who walked in both worlds. Because those who walked in light could also step into shadows whenever they wanted to. They would have privileges upon completing this task that he would not. His success would be limited because he was a shadow walker.

He looked for the first time upon the world of light and saw that it was not scary, terrifying or chaotic but simply involved harder life decisions than the ones that his shadow world allowed. The people there had more emotions to deal with and more loss or pain to face but ultimately their lives were richer, more fruitful and more rewarding because they were looking life in the eyes and not surviving in the shapes it cast as it went by.

He saw that the shadow world had supported him for a long time but now it was time to move on and step into the world of light, to be somebody 

Finally he realised one very crucial fact. 

The shadow world was not independent. It was, is and will always be the safer, less scary and ultimately boring version of the world of light.

Forever dependent. Forever grey. Forever safe.

The man took a deep breath and stepped into the world of light. He was terrified at first but then his terror calmed and he realised that he had been missing out on life for so long, through fear and neglect of what he truly needed.

He decided life was to be enjoyed and he embraced it and moved forward, never looking back.

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