Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Childhood, Adolescence & Maturity

There were three friends. There names were Childhood, Adolescence and Maturity.
Childhood came first and after 12 years, Adolescence arrived. After some name calling and mutual dislike they both realised they had a lot in common (albeit many things they didn't) and were firm friends. They did however not completely trust each other. A few short years later and Maturity came along. Maturity was slightly boring to the other two as Maturity set limits on what Childhood and Adolescence could and couldn't do. Sometimes they ignored Maturity and Maturity got very angry with them.

Childhood was the most energetic of the three. It made every day as long as possible and tried to fill its time with fun and laughter. It hated the "boring" things that the other two sometimes got up to and while they were Childhood's friends, they sometimes bored Childhood with their games like Planning, Future, and Saving.

Adolescence had a lot of the energy of Childhood but sometimes looked up to Maturity for guidance. Adolescence missed when he was more like Childhood (but was NEVER THAT CHILDISH) and sometimes wanted to have the same freedom but overall Adolesence had issues to deal with and knew that no one could really help. Adolescence also believed that no one really cared. This was partially true. Childhood didn't care how Adolescence felt because Childhood could in no way identify with what Adolescence was feeling. Maturity however, knew Adolescence's pain and tried to get Adolescence to follow examples.

One day they went for a walk together. Maturity had decided that the time had come when there was only room for one of them.  They had to merge. The other two would become a part of Maturity. However, everyone had to agree. They sat by a river bank and watched the water flowing past. The Autumn leaves falling on the banks and the breeze gently blowing around them. When Maturity told the other two of the idea there was a mixed reaction. Childhood was scared. After all, Childhood while had been around the longest, the skills needed to adapt were not part of Childhood's repertoire. Childhood cried and lamented that there would be no more games and fun and making the day last as long as possible. Maturity assured Childhood that those things would still happen but not as often. All three had great ideas but they had to merge together to save all three of them. Independently none of them would ever be truly happy. Only together would they find true happiness and peace.

Adolescence was less resistant but still argued that maybe they should stay separate. Adolescence was still trying to come to terms with emotions and raw feelings. Heartbreak, love, lust, and responsibility. Maturity assured Adolescence that those emotions would be so much easier to control and adapt to if they were joined together with three as one.

Eventually after much debate, they all agreed that they would merge with Maturity. They said goodbye and first to go was Childhood who said nothing. As Childhood faded away there was only a look of surprise and trepidations about the future. Next was Adolescence and the final words Adolescence spoke were "Funny, it felt so strange."

Finally there was only Maturity left. The other two had gone but parts of them remained. Maturity still liked to laugh and joke. Maturity still got upset about small things and was anxious over incidents that later on seemed unimportant. Together they were strong and Maturity walked away from the river bank stronger and with a future that was destined to be better from now on.

Eventually there will only be one.

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