Friday, 3 April 2015


Some time ago I wrote this blog, detailing crimes and anti-social behaviour committed during the twice yearly horse fair in a town near Birmingham, UK.

Local police found it and after some conversations a Sergeant was notified who informed one of his Constables. Phone calls were made and a suspect attended the Justice Centre for an interview. The suspect was spoken to by two police officers, with the interview recorded on 3 separate CDs. The following day the suspect was telephoned by one of the interviewing officers and offered a Caution. He refused the Caution upon legal advice and was then referred for a charging decision with a view to having to attend magistrates' court. The suspect was then fingerprinted, photographed and had his DNA taken and is still awaiting a charging (or lack of) decision.

Reading through the text of that blog....which crime do you think resulted in this police action?

Answer: Me. For allegedly using the word "pikey" instead of "traveller" in the last line. Caution was for section 127 of the Communications Act 2003. 

I would weep but my tears might drown me.

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