Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Kenilworth Horse Fair

Twice a year in Kenilworth we have the Horse Fair, where thousands of those beloved rascals in the travelling fraternity turn up for a few days. Warwickshire Police always try and make out that nothing is amiss and on the last-but-one, didn't police it at all. These are first hand stories I've heard about behaviour from the travellers over the last few years.


Rocking Horse Cafe, Kenilworth (now closed down).

1). Complaining of food poisoning and getting a refund, after having eaten most of the meal.
2). Eating most of the food then saying "you took too long making that, I've got a meeting, you have to give me my money back". Getting aggressive and invading personal space when refused. Then getting the money back.
3). Staff (all female) so intimidated that by day 3 the travellers were eating for free.

Bullimore Grove, Kenilworth (cul-de-sac near to horse fair)

On the fair where the police did not patrol, the travellers parked on people's lawns and on the pavement and also shit in people's gardens.

Sainsbury's, Kenilworth
Filling up trolleys with groceries and then simply walking out without paying. Sainsbury's eventually had to hire private security to prevent this.

Jet Petrol Garage, Kenilworth

Loading up on fuel and then driving off without paying. Jet garage also had to hire security to deal with this and insist on people paying BEFORE they filled up.

The Green Man pub, Kenilworth

Vandalised, thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Trespass outdoor shop, Leamington Spa

Paid for 3 winter jackets then asked "can you deliver?" When told "no" demanded a refund. During this process one traveller stole £100 out of the till after the shop assistant was distracted.

Pure Gym, Leamington Spa

Private gym. 5 male travellers turned up and tried to intimidate the reception staff (all female) into letting them use the pool. A lad I know was sitting in reception at the time and when he reminded them the answer was "no" one said "and what are you going to do about it?" He replied "nothing in here but let's go outside and I'll show you what I'm going to do about it." Travellers then became polite and asked where they could go instead, then left.

Nando's, Leamington Spa.

Put broken up biro (i.e. broken clear plastic) into the food after having eaten most of it and then claimed food contained broken glass and wanted a refund.

Regent Court. Leamington Spa, (private shopping area)

Security guard asked several children to leave the area. I was witness to one lad (aged about 13) repeatedly say "GO FUCK YASELL!!" and threatening to hit the guard.

Stone the Crows, Regent Street, Leamington Spa. 

Distraction burglary in order to steal a £400 replica fire engine out the window. Store manager caught one guy trying to shove a large wall clock up his jumper. When confronted, guy went "Oh sorry mate" and left.

So....I'd just like to finish off by saying I have no sympathy for these thieving, bullying cunts and wish to Christ the police would man up and say "Hey! We have loads of crime within a 10 mile radius twice a year because we have 3000 pissed up pikeys in a field at the same time."

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