Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Despicable Pleasures

In life it's easy to just kick back and do nothing.

True pleasure, so I'm told, comes from raising children, setting a goal and achieving it or finally paying off your mortgage.

I, like many people don't indulge too often in pleasures that require planning and effort. I instead take my pleasures like instant coffee. Half (or less) of the fun but less hassle and less work.

I gained my 4th Krav Maga grading recently. It took a total of 7 hours of gruelling, hard, meticulous testing by both ruthless Israeli examiners and my own club's instructors, who while less poker faced, were no less demanding.

The pleasure is one that will live for a long time with me. It was a pleasure hard fought for and hard won. I had achieved something special. I felt proud.

Two months ago I had spectacular sex for about 12 days with a super special friend of mine. Far from being an actual girlfriend, she is someone that I do however have an emotional attachment with. The pleasure was sublime. We know and understand one another and can communicate emotionally as well as physically.

Pleasure achieved through actual human contact and forming a proper relationship.

Those are proper, real, treasurable pleasures.

Despicable pleasures are what we lapse into when we just cannot be arsed.

My despicable pleasures include: Facebook; wanking; chocolate; Candy Crush Saga;  TV shows; surfing the Net for hours looking at mind numbing garbage and trivial rubbish; most recently Candy Crush SODA Saga...and not least of all going over and over in my head about events from the past, either good or bad.

The despicable pleasures are the ones we fall back onto because we are lazy. We don't try to achieve the awesome pleasures. We just revel in those that are so easy to attain that we don't even have to try hard. To actually work for something and then run the risk of failing can tax the mind and body. The stress, adrenalin and fear of failure can tax you.

I have back pain and stiffness in my body. My core stability** is shit and recently I took up Yoga. This is a pure pleasure, albeit one that takes time to show any reward. After a month I can finally feel the difference and that my abdominal muscles are forming a wall to enable me to get up off the TV bean bag without groaning and grabbing at the table for leverage.

Despicable pleasures are ones that come on tap.

Ultimately they are 10% or less as rewarding as pure pleasures.

But they are so, so easy to get.


** Stomach muscles. Take the weight off your spine, if like me you like to lounge around a lot, you need a decent core. Nothing to do with making a half eaten apple stand up straight.

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