Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Bad Blood

Today I came to a couple of conclusions.

One: The universe/ my guardian angel is looking out for me.

Two: It's doing it in such a way that I should be reminded that it's doing it, in case I forget.

Three (OK, that's more than a couple): It's time to actually move on, after roughly 3 years of moping, mainly about being dumped by my ex

To begin.

I've spent nearly 3 years working as a postman. While the pay is reasonable, the hours are only 5 a day and I get a decent pension and free company shares....the negatives are many. The depot is filthy, some of the vans look worse than a dosser's underpants, the job is tiring, we're now entering winter...and when I look at some of the curmudgeons who've been doing this job for 10 or more years, I think "NO WAY!!!"

For the last few weeks I've been helping out at junior Krav Maga class. The age range is 5 to about 10 and the kids are awesome. Junior Krav is VERY different to grown up Krav, in that there's no sparring and the tactics taught are ones about how to avoid abduction or to work as a team to prevent someone (i.e. a nasty, horrid, adult) getting past you. The children are awesome and while tiring (nothing has more energy than a 6 year old girl) the class is thoroughly enjoyable. It's great on a F.U.N level and it's also educational. Having been bullied myself at school it's rewarding to teach skills that didn't even exist in my childhood, to kids who may need them in their lives.

I've already looked into stepping up to actually becoming a kids' instructor and the guy who runs the club has given me his blessing, as has the national director. To be a Kids Krav Maga instructor (KIC) you normally need to be a Grown Ups Krav Maga instructor (GIC). However, there are exceptions and with the aforementioned recommendations plus prior experience working with children (which I have) you can take just the KIC and that is what I will do when a course is run in a country I can commute to without having to sell a kidney to pay for the flight (next one is in Finland, so that's a no go).

My postman work is wet, tiring and grubby. Assisting on a Krav Maga class for children can be sweaty, tiring and grubby. Difference is that I actually want to do it (and I get to be inside, not fighting through drizzle in the freezing cold hills of Radford Semele shoving sodden envelopes through letter boxes). I embraced this, and it appears that the universe is willing to help me get it.

Problem is that I am fit for my age BUT lack flexibility, something you need if you are chasing 4 feet high people with limitless energy around a mat for an hour. I started Yoga but both my lower back (posture issues, plus a love of my TV bean bag) and my left knee (ACL injury) are stubborn and hurt me. I have tried manipulating them with some progress but things aren't shaping up too quickly. In December I will take my 5th Krav Maga grade (Practitioner 5, approximately a green belt in traditional martial arts) and I was worried about what my energy and fitness levels would be like (on my 4th grading, we had to fight for about half an hour at the end of the technical stuff. Exhausting doesn't even begin to describe it).

But I digress...

I am registered to give blood in the UK and last night got a text from asking me if I'd consider popping along to the town hall (a 2 minute walk from my flat) to donate a pint. Normally I wouldn't have bothered but for some reason I felt inclined today and made an appointment on the way back from work. I nipped home, changed clothes and nipped back. After donating some blood, scoffing some biscuits and downing a few cups of orange squash I got home expecting to feel tired and dizzy. As it is, after about an hour I felt much better than I have in a while, my back hurts a lot less and I have more energy than I've had for quite some time

The universe likes to give hints and messages and point us in the right direction. I gave blood and the metaphor is that I shed the "bad blood." The stress, worry and boredom of my day job were put in perspective that by losing the "bad blood" I had made my life ready to receive some more good stuff. Coincidentally, at work today I found out that all postal staff can apply for voluntary redundancy (although there's no guarantee there'll get's doesn't hurt to ask) so again I'm informing the universe that I want to move on.

Sometimes life is strange. Sometimes good things happen via odd routes. Realising this over a needle in my arm and a free coffee & biscuits was definitely a ground breaker for me.

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