Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Positions of Trust

This review of Youth Hostel Plakias turned up on Trip Advisor a week ago. Enjoy it while it lasts as I've no doubt the hostel manager, Uli Schmidt, will get it removed shortly.

Haven't laughed so much since Margaret Thatcher died.


By travelingabroad672

"There’s a German guy, Florian, who hangs out at this hostel all the time. He took a photo of me and another women in one of the naturalist areas and without either of our knowledge or permission he has since shared this photo.

Uli, the hostel manager, is also known for taking naked photos of women from the hostel. It’s all consensual; you’re on beautiful naturalist beaches, everyone seems so friendly ... then you get home and realise some guy you don’t really know has pics of you with your clothes off.

Stayed May 2014, travelled solo"


Update 11th July 2014.

Unsurprisingly Uli has managed to get this review taken down. So here it is in all its glory from the screen dump I got when it was first posted.

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