Friday, 30 May 2014

The Robin

Currently reading a book called E2 (two should be little and up in the air) which has affirmations and exercises to try in order to get more out of life and tap into the harmony and good vibes of a universe that basically wants to help you and will provided you approach things in the right way.

One exercise was down to “selective blindness” and asked that I go out and choose 2 things that I was determined to see for 24 hours each. So on day one I chose orange cars (saw 2) and on day two I chose birds with red in their plumage. 

After being woefully lacking in either real birds or pictures of them (that counts) I was strolling down the road and decided to take as short cut past a lovely old bench and cobbled pathway that looked pre-Victorian in its design (hey, this is Royal Leamington Spa). As I walked past it a little bird flew into the bush ahead of me and I thought “hope I get a look at its feathers as it might have red in them.”

It then turned to face me. It was a robin. Decidedly ginger but defined as a “red breast.” Then it flew away.

Life’s odd sometimes.

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