Thursday, 1 May 2014

Racial Over Bombing

About 2 weeks ago at work I was called a "fucking white prick" by a black guy in the street who also threatened me. Told my line manager and the police as per company policy. Cop said best to forget it as it was basically name calling and one word against the other. Fair enough.

What modern UK police call a "non notifiable racist incident."

Today the same cop rang me for a statement as his Inspector had kicked it back, saying it needed investigating. Took an hour, sat in his patrol car and the cop now has to do house to house enquiries, look for potential CCTV and try to locate the mystery black guy. He also suggested they may call me to come in and look at photos of people who fit the description. He then got me to sign a "Victim Impact Statement" about how I felt. He was wearing a tazer and is one of only 3 out of his squad of 7 cops (the police presence between 7am and 5pm for the whole of Leamington!) who are authorised to carry them. All I could think of was "Why the fuck are they sending a semi-armed cop to deal with this load of drivel?"

Told him that I didn't wish to pursue it and had only made the initial complaint in case the same guy escalates his behaviour with another employee. He replied "Doesn't matter, because it' racial it's now beyond whether you want to or not."

I am not making ANY of this up.

Nice to know the over bombing works both ways. So there is some type of equality of stupidity at least.

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