Monday, 2 December 2013

The Pretty Ones

If you want to be a drugs mule, kill someone or commit a pervy sex crime while abroad…then you’re a complete bastard.

But…if you are accused and convicted of such a crime in a place where the laws are very severe for that type of behaviour, then here’s one golden rule.

When talking to your country’s ambassador then try your hardest to be a pretty, cute, vulnerable-looking, young woman.

That way you will be guaranteed international media coverage that may ensure free charitable aid (from a charity set up in your name, plus one or two others that specialise in helping adorable damsels in distress), everyone wanting your appeal to be successful and maybe even a Presidential/ Royal pardon if it goes tits up and your conviction is upheld.

Cases such as Patricia Cahill & Karyn Smith, Amanda Knox or Louise Woodward prove that cuddleable, sweet little girls will get attention heaped upon them.

“Foxy” Knoxy was the co-defendant in the “sex game gone wrong” trial in Italy. However her ex-boyfriend was freed on appeal too, yet the camera only showed the most fleeting glimpse of him being taken from the courtroom to freedom. 90% of the focus was on the wailing Amanda who was TV drama at its best.

Cahill and Smith were accused of peddling drugs but were released after only a few years into their life sentences.

Louise Woodward was found guilty of shaking a baby to death in the USA, and only the intervention of the President Bush the First got her a retrial and release.

Too many times we focus on the kitten faced victims of what we perceive as miscarriages of justice.

I leave you with this…

The Liam Neeson movie TAKEN would have been far less captivating and enthralling if Bryan Mills had been hunting the kidnappers of his spotty, 17 year old, Star Wars geek son.


  1. I read Knox's autobiography which is banned in your country. She is neither guilty nor innocent, not enough evidence to convict nor to acquit. Good job she was not in Ingerlund where fitting up is de rigeur.

  2. "Your country"? Yes you are a traitor Rehill/Goggins/Macfarlane or whoever the voices in your head are calling you today.I would pop a comment on your blog but being the free-speech lover you are i'm sure you will alter it.
    Thanks for the DNA,apparently you alone have made the govt destroy millions of samples,ha ha ha.

  3. C Redhill sounds like a bit of a self righteous ass goblin who spends too much time watching "crush" videos


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