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Caffe Nero, Regent Street, Leamington Spa...You Suck!!!


Today I sent this to my local District Councillor and the Area Director for Complaints for Caffe "Filthy Lazy Jobsworth Bastards" Nero. 

If I get no joy with this it will be sent on to Ron Ball (Police & Crime Commissioner for Warwickshire), Chris White (Tory MP for Leamington Spa) and the Leamington Spa Courier (local paper).

Photos may cause readers to lose the desire to purchase overpriced hot beverages served by acne ridden cretins wearing ill-fitting polo shirts.



This is concerning the state of the alley at the back of my flat and my neighbours’ flats. 75% of the email is about the Caffe Nero branch in Regent Street, Leamington Spa that the flats are over, and in particular the manager Phil.

I have been trying to avoid going down this route but as you will see, things haven’t improved.

I’m one of about 24 residents (including a 6 month old baby) who live at the back of Edward House on Regent Street. Our flats are above shops with such names as Caffe Nero, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, La Coppola and Fat Face...amongst others. 

The alleyway that leads to the flats (our only access point) is populated by 15 to 20 wheely bins, some small and grey, others big and blue or red.

Problems have arisen recently in 3 ways.

1). Caffe Nero have a habit of simply piling the rubbish on top of the bins, way over the LEGAL limit (which is “lid must be closable”) and leaving it there overnight. We have rats in the alley and about 2 months ago one was found that was about 12 inches long, with its throat ripped out. I am to this day more concerned with what killed the rat than the rat itself. But I digress. I visited the Nero store and also phoned the manager Phil and was told by him the following:

“We can’t keep the rubbish in the shop due to hygiene laws. We can’t leave it on the fire escape due to Health and Safety laws. What else are we supposed to do?”

I suggested getting a 3rd or even 4th bin to keep the other two company and pointed out that regardless of his company’s policies OR the laws governing his actions, he wasn’t allowed to break further laws in order to shift the garbage to an area less likely to get him fired or disciplined. He replied:

“I sympathise but what can I do?”

After speaking to both you AND Warwick District Council I was assured that this wouldn’t happen any more.

It has happened several times since and each time I have rung Phil and he’s fobbed me off with lines such as “I’m on to it, I’ve called the bin company. For some reason they haven’t collected this week.”

Today I came out of the flat to find a large black bin liner had been dumped over the wall from Nero’s back exit, on top of the closed bin. I approached it to open the bin and put the bag in myself, only to find it was full of wet coffee grinds and too heavy to lift. It had also split open slightly, leaking wet coffee mush.

I phoned Phil the manager and he listened for about 1 minute and then hung up without comment. Just to make sure this wasn’t a coincidence I immediately called back twice more and each time the phone was picked up and slammed back down again straight away without me or the person answering saying anything.

The most controversial thing I said during my brief chat with Phil was “don’t you think you’re taking the micky slightly?” It was at this point that he hung up on me.

2). 3 of the bins in the alley are too large. We are required by LAW to have AT LEAST a one metre clearance space between the bins and the facing wall/ fence, both for fire safety and disabled access (or women pushing my neighbour). Two of these belong to Phase Eight and one to Jo Jo Maman Bebe. The relevant bloke from Warwick District Council has asked the stores to change the bins for smaller ones (like everyone else has) and has apparently been told this will happen.

Thing is he asked 5 weeks ago and nothing’s been done yet. The knock on effect of this is that the bin men from the private companies such as Biffa and Fortress have to remove EVERY SINGLE bin in order to get to the the ones at the bottom of the alley. Some mornings it looks like they’ve been playing Jenga in there as the dustmen have simply hurled the bins back down. Quite often they spill stuff out the bins too, such as food or broken glass and do not sweep it up. If the bins were all the required size, then this would not be an issue as they would not have to keep stockpiling in order to get to the furthest bins.

3). The company that collects for Caffe Nero (I believe it’s Fortress but might be mistaken) have a horrible habit of crushing the bags up while still parked in Regent Court, right outside the shop Le Maison Bleu. This always results in a sludgy mixture of cold beverages and milk plus other substances running out from the vehicle and pooling under it on the pedestrian area. The drain at the end of our alley is the only escape point for the flow and is NOT designed to handle this type of flow. This means that the mess stays on the surface and chief security guard for Regent Court or one of his colleagues has to clear it up.

I spoke to a staff member in Le Maison Bleu today who said this has been happening for “as long as (she) can remember”. I also spoke to the chief security guard and he said he has known it as happening every day the bins are emptied, for as long as he can remember. The simple solution to this is the driver activates the grinder when back in Regent Street, which has drains and tarmacking designed to handle this type of issue.

I have attached photos. The overflowing bags are Caffe Nero’s 

This alley is ADOPTED HIGHWAY and therefore entitled to the same rights and cleanliness plus attention to hygiene as Regent Street or any other adopted highway in Leamington Spa.

I will no longer be attempting to address these issues directly with the stores involved as this has proved counter productive (e.g. Phil from Caffe Nero’s behaviour today on the phone).

I have spoken to 4 of the other residents and they are happy to add their names to this complaint if you wish to see them.

I look forward to a speedy resolution of these very serious issues.

Lance Manley LLB (Hons)  


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  1. Hi Lance,

    Just report them to the Environmental Health Inspector:



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