Friday, 15 November 2013

The Pain Distractor

The body is a weird thing. It aches and groans and decides to do its own thing all the time. But then you realise that sometimes the aches and pains and grumbles and belly traumas aren’t there all the time.

For a while now I’ve had knee pain in my left knee, a compressed rotator cuff in my right shoulder and tendonitis in my left arm. This shopping list of grumpiness comes from a mixture of Krav Maga, being a fucking postman and going to the gym.

At least…that’s what I thought was causing the issues.

I realised yesterday that for the last 10 days I’ve had a lot less pain in those areas and the simple reason is:

I’m actually enjoying my life right now.

A friend of mine named Diana Angustias is staying with me. We have written a book together entitled The Cockroach Effect that details in graphic detail the life of Diana, her family and their friends in the Mexican city of Tampico. A city controlled by warring drug gangs that have no sense of ethics and will happily gun down innocent people if they happen to be in the way/ piss them off/ are witnesses to something awful/ have something they want.

Diana flew over on Tuesday 5th November and we have spent a lovely time editing, proof reading and publishing The Cockroach Effect as well as sampling the delights of Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick Castle and even a couple of classes of Krav Maga.

I have someone in my apartment who likes me, loves my company and gets on well with my spoiled cat Rain. She also makes a wonderful lunch (as a postie, a bowl of homemade soup on the table at 3pm is a gift from God) and is very sweet natured.

The day before she arrived I went to a Krav class in Banbury and during a gun disarm drill, the guy I pointed the fake pistol at twisted my right arm (one I had the gun in) so hard that my shoulder felt like it was on fire. I acted like it was no big deal but for about 2 minutes was in so much pain that I thought I was going to cry.

This week…well, the pain has fucked off almost completely, despite being there for a long few months before now.

So I’ve come the conclusion that:

Moping and procrastinating do nothing except exacerbate already fragile physical conditions. Getting out there and actually doing something means the body is healed by the positive energy and can become stronger due to focus from the soul being on enjoying life and not feeling sorry for oneself.

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