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Why the Clerk In Selfridges (Who Refused To Serve A Friend Of The English Defence League’s Tommy Robinson) Is A Cunt

When I was at Uni, back in the halcycon days of the early 1990s, there were a lot of nauseating gobshites. The kind of irritating arseholes that would invade Asda and slap “Contaminated With Apartheid” stickers on South African corned beef. The type of twonks that would stand outside McDonalds scaring small children with tales of how cows’ eyelids were in Big Macs. And most certainly the breed of twats that would go Hunt Sabbing and get all hurt and bewildered if the huntsmen got heavy handed and gave them a kicking after they’d deliberately sabotaged a day’s fox murdering.

The one good thing about these baggy clothing-adorned, Nelson Mandella-worshipping, pierced pricks was this.

They let other people have an opinion.

An expression that you’d hear many times from people who regarded “the filth” as John Major’s stormtroopers was:

“I disagree with what you say but I would defend to the death your right to say it.”

In a democracy EVERYONE has the right to express and hold and cherish their own view of the world. If those views are deemed to be “inspiring hatred” then the law is breached and the person can be sanctioned for their actions or words. But now we have moved, 23 years later, into a very troublesome time of:

“I disagree with what you say and I wish you were dead and you smell of wee and your mum has sex with sailors up against walls.”

This childish fucking approach to social interaction around debate has been wearisome for a long time. Gone is the idea that a dyed in the wool “Not Nice Person” could be given the right to speak openly and THEN a counter opinion would be presented. Oh no! What we have these days is people shouting down those with opinions deemed to violate whatever is trendy at the time.

Tommy Robinson heads the English Defence League, or EDL. They stand for one thing and that is that they HATE fundamentalist Islam. They say they hate it because they deem it incompatible with the English way of life and the laws of this country. 

They have, in the past formed a Sikh division, Gay division and Youth division. They say they welcome Muslims provided they renounce Islam. They are vilified in the UK media e by cretins who don’t seem to see the difference between not liking a certain aspect of a culture and hating that whole culture.

But I digress…

When you take on a job for a wage you adopt the principles, rules and etiquette of the company that employs you. I applied for a job with Asda 2 years ago. As they are now owned by sodding Walmart, a US company, they have a rancid approach to employing lackeys which includes calling the recruitment drive “Asda Magic” and giving silly, sexed up names to their jobs (e.g. the night delivery guy is the “Evening Service Hero”).

However, if I’d got a job with them (as opposed to becoming a “silver medallist” as they put it) I’d have had to follow their rules and regulations as they were paying me a wage. That included “wearing a smile” while on the shop floor.

Selfridges in London have existed since 1909 and the store’s founder H Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase “the customer is always right” which has now been adopted the world over.

On Monday the 16th of September Tommy Robinson was in Selfridges with a mate. The guy serving at that till refused to serve Tommy’s mate because he was with Tommy and the guy didn’t like Tommy being head of the EDL. When Tommy began filming this on his phone, the guy continued to be obstinate saying, “You can put me on the camera all you want mate, but I’m not serving you.”

He worked for Selfridge’s. He took their money. He presumably had training around how to interact with customers and what behaviour was expected both of him and of customers. I would believe that training would consist of etiquette, patience and courtesy. It would make it clear that difficult customers should be spoken to professionally and courteously. It would also make it clear that a customer who became aggressive or swore or used violence would then either be ignored, ejected or the police called.

Tommy Robinson was none of these things and it wasn’t even him who was refused service. The friend he was with was refused service due to being WITH Tommy Robinson.

The little cunt behind the till didn’t like Tommy’s political views and let that affect his judgement to the extreme that he was discourteous and showed appalling manners.

People who bullied me at school used to, in later years, work in a pub I was a barman in. I didn’t refuse to pull them a beer because they’d blackened my eyes in the playground.

My ex girlfriend Helen’s vicious, obnoxious,  fat cow of a mother (now thankfully dead) came into a bakery I worked in a year or so after I split up with Helen. I served her and remained polite.

When I was a police officer I had to do a curfew check on a convicted paedophile out on home release. He asked “how are you?” as he stood on the doorstep but I ignored him. I did not however insult or fail to let him sign the form he needed to put his autograph on. Regardless of my feelings towards him, I had a job to do and my emotions towards “men” who sexually molest children were not relevant at that time.

The little twat who so self righteously refused to serve Tommy had the right not to serve him…IF he’d then taken off his name badge and simply walked out the store. 

However if he wants to continue to work for them he needs to learn to keep his feelings in check. Discrimination for WHATEVER reason is wrong, especially if it’s against someone you know nothing about apart from what you’ve read in the papers.

The store quite rightly suspended the little bastard and to their credit said sorry by offering a free meal to the two offended parties.

Grow up and get a grip mate.

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  1. "They say they welcome Muslims provided they renounce Islam" - They are therefore twats and deserve no respect or debate I'm afraid.

    Yes they argue that they only are against fundamentalist Islam. A view they share with 90% of the Islamic faith. However their actions speak louder than words so I'll just highlight a few choice bits of what the EDL are *really* like rather than what their slimey political mouthpiece would have you believe (who somehow got away with a charge of inciting religeous hatred despite being as guilty as a puppy sat next to a rather large pile of poo):

    http://ipswichspy.wordpress.com/2013/09/16/thugs-force-pub-closure-cancelling-anti-racism-gig/ (some friends of friends were due to play at that gig)


    Obviously you can find many examples of the EDL being fluffy bunny rabbits. All major political parties in the UK and indeed in most countries are against Islamic Extremist organisations and indeed they are illegal. The EDL are a bunch of ignorant cunts, some of them in posh suits who can afford to pay for a lawyer. But they're still cunts.

    But yes obviously the guy should have served the bloke. No problem with that he was being a dick by not serving the guy.


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