Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mass Debate

How Two Intelligent People Have An Argument

“That Michael Ryan who shot all those people in Hungerford. They’re still claiming that it’s because of that Stallone movie, Rambo.”

“Rubbish. There’s not even proof that he saw it. He didn’t even own a VCR, remember this was before DVD. There’s virtually no similarity between the Rambo films and what he did, bar the fact he had a machine gun and killed a lot of people.”

“Hmmm…but maybe the films pushed him over the edge, maybe it could happen?”

“Really how? No, don’t answer, that was rhetorical. Every day we are subjected to media brainwashing and images of sex and violence. The Sun has stories asking to “bring back the rope” for paedophiles and then has a picture of a young woman with her tits out on page 3. Remember that horrible shit they did some years ago. Girl who was nearly 16, they had a countdown the week before her 16th birthday where every day her bikini top got a little lower. Birthday comes. Kazzang! Tits are out. Michael Ryan was disturbed beyond measure, but there’s nothing to prove what started it. Same with Dunblane, or Columbine in the USA. People are people, there’s nothing anyone can do after they are dead to prove why they did it. Problem is that stupid people want easy answers and blaming movies or Goth rock bands is a way of getting easy answers. Society is flawed, sex and violence and staple ingredients of our daily intake.”

“Hmmm…ok, I concede the point.”

The Way That An Intelligent Person And A Retard Have An Argument

“Those horrible Rambo movies they made that mad idiot go out and kill all those innocent people!”

“Really, how do you figure that?”

“Well, you can’t tell me that the situations aren’t similar!”

“You seen Rambo?”

(Pretends not to hear the question): “I mean shooting all those people in cold blood like that, it’s obvious that he was copying horror films.”

“Rambo isn’t a horror film.”

“You saying that killing loads of people isn’t horrific? I suppose you think Michael Ryan wasn’t horrible do you. Do you?!! DO YOU?!!”

“No, but anything could have tipped him over the edge, you just don’t know what he….”

“Let’s just agree to disagree ok. I think films DO influence people.”

“Ok, what is it in the movies you’re referring to, that makes people commit violent crimes.”

(Pause): “Let’s just agree to disagree because I think they do!”

“What in the films makes you think they influence people to commit violent crimes?”

(Longer pause, now looking pissed off): “Let’s just agree to disagree because I think they do!”

“You can’t just make a blanket statement like that. Back it up with some proof at least!”

(Pause, now looking embarrassed AND pissed off): “Are you telling me I’m not entitled to my opinion. A perverted little creep like you, telling ME what to think? That’s lovely isn’t it. I’m not surprised you’ve got no friends. I bet you have an organism every time you watch horror films like Rambo!!!”

How Two Retards Have An Argument

“That Rambo film made Martin Ryan kill all those people you know!”

“I agree, switch over to Jeremy Kyle will you?”

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