Monday, 26 August 2013

The Sunrise, The Deputy Manager and The Butterfly

Last Friday I was in a shitty mood. I got up feeling shitty, made breakfast while feeling shitty and had a shit while feeling shitty.

I was in a shitty mood basically.

Problem was I had, for the first time, to run things on my own at work. I was going to be “In Charge”.

No senior managers to kick problems upstairs to, no one to help unless I broke the Omerta of a probationary boss and actually “Phoned For Help”. An unforgivable weakness in a fledgling future leader.

Then I left the flat and I saw this.

This caught my breath and made me feel slightly less grumpy and was so lovely that I just had to take a photo of it. It gave me hope that the day would be not shitty at all but maybe even a bit great.

The day went well and in fact went much better than I expected. No hang ups, no slip ups, no errors. I dealt with issues of both security and discipline spontaneously and left feeling elated that I’d risen to a challenge.

Then I got home and went for a cycle ride. While picking blackberries near the Old Library in Leamington Spa this happened.

It isn’t staged, the butterfly landed on my arm, paused long enough for me to take this photo, and then fluttered off.

God’s way of saying “Dude, I promised you a nice day now here’s a nicer afternoon.”


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