Sunday, 4 August 2013

Stuart Hall and the Selective Hypocrisy of Western Society

It’s a Knockout presenter and lovable buffoon Stuart Hall “HaHaHa” Hall was recently banged up, at the age of 83 for kiddy diddling. On appeal his sentence was increased to 30 months from the original 15.

General media opinion on this matter (at least in the trash papers) is that Hall is a vile paedo who got exactly what he deserved, albeit decades after the event. This “sex monster” has finally paid for corrupting all those little girls in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. He thought he’d got away with it, but karma intervened. Mossad eat your heart out, this predatory perv has finally got what’s coming to him.

Then you read what Hall was convicted of and it’s low level stuff, albeit still disturbing. It includes “fondling”, “kissing” and “dressing up” as well as some odd kinky stuff involving “massage toys”. One woman who was abused at the age of 16 (which makes his actions sexual assault on someone over the legal age of consent and not sexual assault on a child…but we’ll let that slide for a moment) and is now around 55 said how disgusted she was and how this event had changed her life and forever shaped her outlook on relationships (not to mention putting her off watching It’s A Knockout in the 1970s).

Thing is…..she’s 5 years away from a free bus pass.

In February of this year he transferred ownership of his home (worth £1.2 million) into his wife’s name. He claimed it was due to fear of sudden death due to a heart condition. Lawyers acting for his grey haired victims have stated they will attempt to nullify the transfer. Reason being that they can then sue his arse off for compensation claims. Thing I have to ask here is. What the fuck did Stuart Hall’s wife ever do to deserve to lose her home? And as Hall’s barrister Crispin Aylett said at the “ Make The Cunt Suffer More” appeal, "If the object was to see this man punished, disgraced and financially ruined then all of that has been more than achieved.”

Hall’s actions were wrong. Lecherous perv in his early 40s, lusting after young girls who he thought he could have his wicked way with and be untouchable. Worthy of note though is that his actions were nowhere near on a par with Jimmy “Ay-ur, Ay-ur” Saville, who was reported (amongst other things) to ask for blowjobs in return for access to the Top of the Pops studio.

So…done and dusted. Hall is in prison, might die in there and his wife might be homeless once the greedy sods…sorry, grief stricken, traumatised victims, have stripped his assets.

Western society is pleased now.

But let’s look at what else has happened over the time that this stuff was going on.

In 1983 Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman was 47 when he met Mandy Smith, who was 13. They began a relationship that Western society thought was Rock ‘n’ Roll. They married in 1989 when he was 52 and she was 18. In 2010 she gave an interview where she admitted that they’d “consummated their relationship” when she was 14.

In other words, a 14 year old girl was fucked by a man 34 years older than her. This makes him guilty of statutory rape and above all “kiddy diddling”. It also makes him much worse than Stuart Hall.

A little voice is now saying to me “yes, but she consented and they were dating. Hall preyed on unwilling victims.”

“No,” I say. The law does not take into account supposed “consent” by someone under 16 in the UK. She could not give her consent as she was not legally old enough to do so.

As yet I’ve not heard of Operation Yewtree detectives interviewing Wyman about sticking his penis in an underage girl’s pussy.

Then let’s move on to the fact that Hall’s sentence was doubled, partly because he’d denied it when first charged, even though he later switched his plea to guilty.

Sophie Lancaster was murdered in 2007 by a bunch of evil Chavvy cunts who stamped on her head until she fell into a coma and later died. Reason? They didn’t like the way she was dressed. The culprits pleaded guilty the DAY BEFORE the trial and no allowance was given for this when sentencing was handed down by the judge. On appeal the ringleader Ryan Herbert had his sentence reduced by 9 months as the appeal court said not enough allowance had been given to the guilty pleas.

And with regard to “getting away with it”. Lovable wank stain “Mad” Frankie Fraser was a gangster who worked for the Richardson gang in the 1960s in London. Rivals to the Kray twins, these buggers were just as ruthless. Fraser apparently used to nail people’s feet to the floor and pulled out some guy’s teeth with a pair of pliers.

Fraser has since published books about his life, done a one man theatre show called “An Evening With Mad Frankie Fraser” (which went on a national tour) and appeared in movies (playing gangsters), on TV shows like “Shooting Stars” (where his gangsterishness is played up) and is now regarded as a lovable villain. In June 2013, at the age of 89 he was given an ASBO (Anti Social Behaviour Order) by the police for an argument he had with another resident at his sheltered housing. Everyone thought THAT was octogenarian rock ‘n’ roll.

The little voice in my head is saying “yes, but Fraser served 42 years in prison so he’s paid for what he did!”

My answer is “he’s still a horrible cunt and should absolutely NOT be allowed to make money exploiting his vile acts from the past. Would you be happy for Stuart Hall to be released in 30 months and write a book lampooning his rubbing of underage girls.”

Little voice is going, “errmm….!”

Ultimately Hall is being treated unfairly. He should have gone to prison, which he did. But to use him as a whipping boy for unresolved hatred is inexcusable. To further try and financially ruin not only him but his wife is beyond awful. The guy’s life (both on this mortal plain and socially) is over.

Be consistent.


  1. Agreed! Whatever the crime, if the perp's family could have no knowledge of it, then the law should take care that they do not suffer in any way. They are probably suffering badly already just from their new knowledge and there will probably be some unavoidable consequences anyway.

  2. This is all typical of a very peculiar form of English morality I'm afraid. It's also interesting to note that the Labour Party shadow home secretary concerned herself most particularly with the extension of Halls sentence. No doubt sensing which way the wind was blowing with the general populace she thought to gain political mileage. I am very suspicious of the Savile witch hunt, frankly I feel that some of it is tosh, but even so it's obviously tosh that the police and women growing old without a pension, feel they can be proud of. I feel that any country that can send a man of 83 to prison for what was relatively minor charges is not civilized, but then England has never really been a civilized country, not at heart, they like to make others tow the line but equally they like to be free to step over it themselves as the occasion suits them.


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