Monday, 5 August 2013

Is Not Nominal

To Ian Tomlinson's family who loved him so very, very much and have just settled for an undisclosed "out of court" financial sum from those horrid beasts the Metropolitan Police Service...I have only two words to say.

Homeless. Shelter.



  1. I thought exactly the same Lance.How much was his life worth? I doubt his family could pick him out of a line-up.
    Gutless Met-whatever you think of this case Simon Harwood was found not guilty at court.Are we going to compensate everyone?

  2. It always surprises me that someone who has been bullied their whole life, and purports to hate bullies, can stand up for PC Harwood.

    Newsflash Lance, if you'd been working with him he'd have bullied you too!

    1. Read that again dipshit. I'm not defending Harwood, the point of the blog is to illustrate another point.

  3. Anonyomus -I don't think Harwood was a bully I just think he was a pissed off bobby who after being pushed around, sworn at and spat at all day long lost his cool and pushed over a drunken arsehole who had been trying to wind up the Police that day at various cordons. Other officers have given sworn statements saying so and cctv backed this up. You may not have read that due to the completely biased one way reporting on this matter ... or maybe you are aware of it but like the press and BBC don't mention it as it doesn't fit into your view of the world and how things went down that day.
    What happened was tragic and a man lost his life and quite rightly the matter should be looked into but Harwood is no murderer or bully he just overacted and pushed a pissed up boke over who unfortunantely died. I don't know if you are Police or not but I have been a cop for 15 years and been in hundreds of incidents like this ... I've pushed loads of people away from me in similar situations ... on one or two occasions due to being wound up all day maybe a bit to hard sometimes (officers are only human and can experience red mist sometimes) ...... it could've happened to me ...... does that make me a bully? .....


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