Wednesday, 21 August 2013

10 Reasons Why "World War Z" Rocks


1). It has a children's nursery rhyme sung (by a child) over a scene where a guy turns into a zombie.

2). It tries to imply that modern airline passengers are so respectful of class designations that Economy class plebs won't intrude into the extra-legroomed luxury of the Business suite...even when being attacked by ravenous, cannibalistic, reanimated corpses.

3). It also implies that fastening your seatbelt on a plane will result in you surviving a crash that kills everyone else on board.

4). Brad Pitt lobs a grenade at zombies. On a plane. At 30, 000 feet. Deliberately. The results are predictable yet utterly awesome.

5). It has badass Special Forces soldiers riding old bicycles (and I mean Granny Shakers with wicker baskets and triangular leather saddles) in the pouring rain, at night to avoid dormant zombies.

6). It has a zombie doing an impersonation of Tommy Steele/ Donny Osmond/ Esther Rantzen.

7). It inspired a scene in Despicable Me 2.

8). It's got the new Doctor Who in it.

9). It makes me want to edit all the zombie mob attacks together and put The Benny Hill Show theme tune over the top.

10). It will doubtless be released in a much gorier version on DVD, so a repeat viewing will be even more fun.

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