Friday, 17 May 2013

The Cockroach Effect

Within the next couple of months my new book The Cockroach Effect will be published.

It details life in Tampico, a city in Mexico. I lived there for 8 months from 2010 to 2011, teaching English at the American School of Tampico. From 2009 a war has been fought by rival drug gangs for territorial supremacy on the city's streets.

The co-author, Diana Angustias, is the mother of one of my former students.

While I lived in Tampico I knew of the violence that existed there. Tales of summary executions by the army, police corruption and just occasionally I'd see the aftermath of gun fights. Once a colleague of mine was held (with his 12 year old daughter) at gun point in a restaurant while the chef and a waiter were dragged outside and bundled into a car. However I never experienced first hand just how bad this situation was.

Diana has been sending me stories for a few months now. The stories are extremely unpleasant and shocking, seen through the eyes of a mother. A mother of 3 young children and wife of a husband who was more than once targeted by the drug gangs.

In movies even evil has standards. In real life, evil is pure and simply evil. It has no standards, no morals and absolutely no ethics.

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  1. whey-hey! Another tome about the life in Tampico!!

    In case that was me you mentioned, beware of confabulation - our daughter was 8 at the time and they dragged out a patron of the restaurant while searching the kitchen for his accomplice.

    'Interesting' times in T-town - can't wait...any chance of a review copy?


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