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Dignified In Impotency

Private Lee Rigby had his head cut off after being run over by two horrible little cunts who wished to make a point that the country they lived in were being horrid to people in a country they didn’t live in.

After hacking Lee to death, the attackers talked calmly to passers by and attempted to create a video epitaph for their actions by getting people to film them, just before they weighed up to armed police who shot fuck out of them. **

One passer by, a woman, has stood out from this, a lady called Ingrid Loyau-Kennett who spoke to one shit bag and was calm and dignified while talking to him. One line spoken by her has resonated since the event. It was, “You’re going to lose, it’s only you versus many.”

Insufferable little shit and British Prime Minister David Cameron has since predictably used this as a chance to show the dignified and calm approach that the British public *** have in the face of terrorism. He described Ingrid as showing “cool-headed resilience and courage.” He praised her for her “calm and matter-of-fact selflessness” and stated that she had "spoken for us all".

While her actions were indeed incredibly brave, they were also very stupid. Cameron and the Government, the police and the media now want to show the world that while we are a nation with a 99% unarmed police force, we impersonate a 19th century English butler when faced with aggression, no matter how severe. We do not need guns or sticks or knives to face off aggression. We are a nation of honour, dignity and calm in the face of armed aggressors. This further adds fuel to the myth that the UK police STILL should not be armed. Had this event happened in Warwickshire, the armed response would have taken a little longer than 20 minutes. For the whole county there are only TWO, yes TWO armed patrols out at any one time, at opposite ends of the borders. Warwickshire is 762 square miles in diameter, most of that rural.

We perpetuate the legend in this country that the “have a go heroes” like Ingrid are the backbone of a society that prides itself on its restraint and gentlemanly-ness. One popular belief is that Gandhi freed India by his non-aggressive resistance. He didn’t but what he DID do was to bring the country’s plight to greater attention and force the issue to become globally recognised. His actions (or some may argue, inactions) resulted in a chain reaction that stopped British rule of India.

When I was at school the decay had begun with regard to the “old” methodologies around dealing with violence and physical attacks or even name calling. Something the insipid twerps at both Primary and Secondary school would say was, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” It didn’t matter how badly you’d been provoked, you had damned yourself with your actions. You may be angry, upset, heartbroken or a victim of sustained abuse but it meant nothing. Lashing out and bloodying the nose of a bully would result in both of you receiving equal punishment. Fighting was wrong. End of.

Then bullies became more sophisticated. Then rules and guidelines were implemented to try and “understand” why they did vile things. A “non-judgmental” approach to behaviour was adopted. The old methods were still applied but by now people weren’t fighting “fair”. It wasn’t two guys scrapping and their mates standing in a circle shouting “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” Now it was 9 guys or more kicking some poor fucker’s head in for the hell of it.

The police began to have their hands tied by well meaning but self destructive legislation. Judges’ Rules around the treatment of prisoners were replaced by the intricate and anal tome that was The Police and Criminal Evidence Act. Deaths in custody, especially Michael Powell, led to cops being held accountable in criminal court for deaths of prisoners under their care.

In Twilight, Bella Swan is given a canister of pepper spray by her Sheriff daddy after a bunch of drunken turds try to molest her on the street. ****

She is 17.

She’s a civilian.

In the UK only cops and the armed forces may carry CS gas or pepper spray. Both are classed as a firearm by legal definition. When I was a cop I had to get a Sergeant’s written permission to take my pepper spray out of the station, such as if I was attending another area for a placement. If I couldn’t find a Sergeant I couldn't take it.

So we have a country that are still living in a mentality of “two wrongs don’t make a right.” We allow home owners confronting burglars a limited grey area of forgiveness if they cause them physical harm, but “overreacting” (i.e. kicking someone into a coma that you find in your 2 year old daughter’s bedroom at 4am) will result in finger waggling and a spell in porridge.

Ultimately this results in cases where, once in a blue moon, our dignity and calm provide no defence against armed terrorists. Armed terrorists who ran a man over, and then hacked him to death while attempting to cut his head off.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett has retrospectively been proven to be a heroine of a high magnitude, mainly because the politicians want to be able to show just how dignified we can remain as a nation. 99% of people I’ve spoken with about this incident were far from dignified and, like me, want the two attackers to be executed for what they’ve done. Luckily for Ingrid and everyone else who was there, the terrorists were focussed on specific targets (soldiers and police) and were not out to harm women and children or even what they perceived to be “non combatants”.

I lived in Mexico for 7 months in a city called Tampico. It is a violent city controlled by drug gangs. It is also the subject of my next book The Cockroach Effect. The gangs, especially one called the Zetas, have absolutely no respect for human life or for who they are facing. They kill women, children, the elderly and the crippled. They care only for money and power. They have no ethics and as the co-author Diana Angustias has said, “In real life, evil is pure and simply evil. It has no morals, no compassion and absolutely no ethics.”

Ingrid was facing someone who had some semblance of ethics within his twisted ethos and was not willing to hurt people unless they met his criteria for targeting. Facing someone with less scruples or even a mental condition, Ingrid’s actions would be wholly unheroic and uninspired and would probably have resulted in her death or maiming by this vicious little cunt.

I would like the epitaph for this story to be that while Ingrid was brave, her behaviour should not be used as an example for others to follow.

I leave you with this story from when I was in the Republic of Moldova in 2004.

I recruited students for a cowboy college in London (that has since gone bust), from the Moldavian capital of Chisinau via a travel agency. Three or four times a year I’d fly out on trips to speak to college and university students and in the evenings get very drunk partying with the women that worked in the agency.

In 2004 Moldova played Scotland in Chisinau in a Football World Cup qualifying game. Neither side had any hope of getting in but the game was attended by the Tartan Army, Scotland’s loyal football supporters and they were out in force, in kilts and sporrans  throughout the capital for a few days before the game.

One night me and 4 women from the agency went to find a quieter pub for a meal and a beer and were met by the sight of 20 hairy highlanders supping pints. One sparked up a conversation and upon realising I was English went:

“A fucking Englishman!!!”

His friend laughed and went, “Hey, he’s with four women. Give the guy some respect!”

We then had a wonderful evening getting drunk and singing songs (my favourite being when they bellowed out a verse of “Better To Die Than Be An English Bastard”.)

At half past stupid in the morning we had drunk the pubs dry and were in the only bar that still had booze. A backstreet place serving generous gin and tonics. Dancing with some Scottish guys was Helen, a very cute admin girl from the agency. A Moldavian guy walked up to her in front of everyone and spoke to her, his face looking like someone had just farted and then glared at me and walked off. Approaching Helen I asked her what he’d said and she replied, “He thinks I’m a prostitute because I’m with you. He doesn’t like foreigners."

Angry yet very drunk my immediate reaction was the default Englishman’s reaction. That is, he had insulted a lady who was in my company and should therefore say sorry. I followed him into the room he had moved into and approached him. I vaguely recall he was with about six of his mates.

What’s your problem?” I asked him.

He just glared at me silently, his mates behind him.

“Go and say sorry,” I said pointing back to where Helen was.

He glared at me silently some more.

Then the barman came and took my arm and said, “Come on.”

I shook his hand off but he took my arm again and said, “No. Come on.”

I glared at the racist ruffian and then walked back to the main bar. Honour satisfied and I had stood my ground. How proud did I feel that I had stood up for myself.

Helen was waiting for me. Hands on her hips looking mightily pissed off.

“Lance, you are too aggressive!”

“He insulted you. He needed to be told,” I replied feeling proud of myself.

The next time I came back to Chisinau we talked about this incident and Helen said.

“I know why you did that and I appreciated it but you are stupid. I wasn’t offended by him, he was just some stupid guy. But you walked up to him in front of his friends and challenged him. Moldavian guys sometimes carry screwdrivers or knives. You could have been killed and for what? Just to prove you are better than him?”

** The only good thing about this incident was the judiciousness with which the police shot these cunts, plus the volume of rounds fired. Not to mention firing twice more at one WHEN HE WAS LYING ON THE GROUND.

*** Ingrid Loyau-Kennett isn’t British.

*** Edward’s reaction to this is pathetic to say the least. Watch Let The Right One In for an example of how a vampire SHOULD react if someone messes with their beloved.

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