Wednesday, 29 May 2013


On Inspector Gadget's now defunct blog was a little man named Cor! who used to snipe at me in the Comments section of each blog post. I ignored him for over a year until the blog was shut down, but he still did it despite getting zero reaction. 

He recently commented on Monday Books' blog (Gadget's publisher).

He signed it "Neil".

In my memoir STAB PROOF SCARECROWS, the Sergeant in charge of probationers who I specifically refer to as "a right cunt" is called "Sergeant Kerwan" but that's not his real name.

I really hope this ISN'T a coincidence.


  1. Go for the throat Lance.Gaining revenge is a great experience,i'm still planning mine...

    1. When the cutbacks were announced 2 years ago I found out that Kerwan kept his job, despite what the ACC had told me at my exit interview (i.e. he would "never hurt anyone else again" and my favourite bit "that Sergeant probably picked up on the fact you knew you were more intelligent than he is and he resented it").

      I wrote to the Chief, DCC, all the ACCs and Kerwan's line manager (Inspector Gerva from the book) and reminded him of what the ACC had said.

      The ACC wrote back denying that he'd said he'd remove him from his post and clearly thought I'd covertly recorded my exit interview as he asked if I believed my quotations were from such.

      Kerwan was apparently shown this communication by Gerva and was "very, very upset". Little bastard went off sick for months, not long after but unfortunately got better.

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  2. If a senior officer told me the time i'd still check my watch afterwards.I emailed a Chief Inspector once who accidentaly sent me the reply instead of the HR civvy it was aimed for.When I sent it back to him saying "I don't think was for me" he squirmed and squirmed,but to be fair he didn't deny sending it.I had politely asked him if there were any vacancies on his borough,what a cheek I had!!


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