Monday, 1 April 2013

The Final

Email I sent to my ex girlfriend today.

Dear Michelle,

I made the final repayment today on the loan I took out to pay for your flight. The flight you took 5 days before you dumped me on Skype.

Today is April Fools’ Day.

The irony of this is priceless, especially as I set up the repayment plan months ago with no idea until 2 weeks ago as to when the final amount would be taken.

I don’t expect you to care, but I want you to know.

The freedom you gained straight away when you broke up with me, I have had to wait 16 months for, every week being reminded as £25 left my wages, that you were gone.

Putting myself in debt to get my girlfriend back = Fantastic.

Putting myself in debt to have my girlfriend break up with me but remain a good friend = Heartbreaking BUT something I could have learned to live with as I thought the world of you.

Putting myself in debt for someone who makes no attempt whatsoever to remain in contact with me = A bit shit.

I loved you with all my heart. Now...we’re both free.

You wont’ be hearing from me again.

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