Saturday, 30 March 2013

Posh Road Rage

Parked up on Beverley Road (posh estate) and an elderly chap is asking my colleague about collection times. He then steps out into the road and a car 50 yards away (i.e. nowhere near him) suddenly blares its horn, the driver pulls up and proceeds to give the old man a bollocking. I got out the van in time to hear this:

Old Man: "You keep speaking to me like that and I'll take your license number!"
Irate Driver: "Yeah, go on then! If you can bloody read!"

(Driver goes to get back in, old man says something else, driver gets out again and moves to follow him).


(Driver falters, sees me walking towards him and stops but glares at me)

Old Man: "Can't you see who started this?"

ME: "Yes, he's the aggressor but keep walking away mate". (I turn to the driver) "Get back in your car you fucking prick!"

As I get level with his motor I see a little girl aged about 4 in a child seat and a woman on the passenger side. He has just gone Road Rage Batshit in front of his wife and infant daughter. He drives off ignoring me but silently screaming "PRATT!!" at the old boy.

A good day at work.

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  1. Lance.

    What is it you do? Are you a Clint impersonator or something?

    Just asking.



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