Wednesday, 27 March 2013

999 What's My IQ?

Probably shouldn't have....

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  • Lance R Manley Have fun recruiting....but can you please ensure the training corrects these two issues I experienced in 2004 and 2007.


    "What road are you on sir?"

    "No idea but there's a guy 10 yards away threatening to kill me! I'm outside All Sports in Gillingham. SEND A UNIT!!"

    "I need to know what road you're on sir!"

    (I ask 3 passers by and finally someone tells me, while the angry guy is still threatening to kill me, my mother and my children).

    "Argyle Street"

    "Thank you....what postcode please?"


    "Hello what service do you require?"

    "Hi mate, I can't talk openly can you list the options please?"

    (Pause) "What service do you require?"

    "Like I said mate, can't talk openly, please list the options and I'll say the number I want, like 'the second one' ."

    (Longer pause) "What service do you require?"


    (Even longer pause). "What service do you require?"

    "Jesus Christ! I'm possibly gonna need a couple of them as I can now be overheard. OK, I'll take a guess. Option 2?"

    "Fire service?"

    "Nope. Option 1?" 


    "Who's a clever boy? That'll do nicely. As you've now made everyone aware what I'm doing please tell the officers I'm the guy out the back of the pub currently being stared at by about 5 of the mates of the guy who’s trying to fight the bouncer!”

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