Sunday, 10 February 2013

5 Slices of a 1970s Boy's TV Heaven (Sci-Fi)

Alright, come on. Who remembers these bad boys?

1). Logan's Run

On TV, Logan's gun had a blue stun ray as well as the Kill option, due to the fairy cake-eating antics of the TV Network, but this was still ace.

As I watch this now I lament not being old enough to perv over Jessica at the time.

2). Space 1999

Guns looked like staplers, Martin Landau was 50-ish even then but it had the Eagle Transporters (got one for Xmas)

 and Mia, the shape changing metamorph that all 7 year old boys wanted to err...marry.

3). The Fantastic Journey

Had that annoying not-child Ike Eisenmann in it, but was a badass tale of stranded travellers who'd blundered into the Bermuda Triangle. Also Jared Martin's Sonic Energizer. I was very pissed off when my dad wouldn't make me one of those in his shed (he also turned down making me a Stormtrooper's helmet. Heartless or what?!!)

4). The Man From Atlantis

Pre-Dallas and that mincing twat Bobby Ewing, Mr Duffy did the wierd swimmy thing in this show.

I vividly recall being told at school NOT to try and swim like this. Happy days.

and the winner....

5). The Incredible Hulk

When Nanny and Grampe were babysitting, we were allowed to stay up to watch this. Always amazed me that Dr Banner was the NICEST bloke you could ever meet, yet constantly kept meeting bullies and even the Mafia as he drifted along through life trying not to turn into Lou Ferringo in a dodgy wig.

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  1. Well, our was a TV-less household for much of the late 70's but I well recall 'Space:1999' and was greatly saddened to hear of the death, just around Christmas 2012, of its eccentrically brilliant creator, Gerry Anderson.


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