Monday, 29 October 2012

Sly Flak

Letter I just sent to Apollo Cinemas after a cock-up over tickets.


Today at around 6.30pm I purchased 2 tickets for the 8.30pm showing of Skyfall at the Apollo cinema in Leamington Spa. I was enlightened by the cashier that these were the final two tickets and you could have knocked me down with a feather when I discovered that they were side by side (seats L11 and L12). This meant my good lady and I would not have to sit apart from each other while Daniel Craig strutted his funky stuff on screen 1.

When my good lady and I arrived for the screening at around 8.20pm we found out that our seats didn’t actually exist and there was merely an empty space where they should have been. I momentarily considered that a rather determined thief had stolen them for a private collection or we were being set up for You’ve Been Framed. After returning to the cashier he checked the tickets and confirmed the correct date was on them. He then asked another member of staff (nice lady with glasses, didn’t catch her name) who took us back to screen 1 and after some detective work, it turned out that we had been sold two disabled “seats” which were just spaces at the end of row L. It was later explained to me that this is to facilitate a person or persons utilising a wheelchair to park in the space, effectively creating new seat allocations.

As the screening was fully booked, and I had no desire to sit cross legged on the floor getting a crick in my neck, I asked to speak to the manager . She was very charming and helpful and offered to refund our admission fee (£5.80 plus a 2For1 voucher from the delightful “Little Book of Offers”) and gave us two complimentary tickets to be used for any screening, in Premium or Standard seats, at a future time up to the end of February. She also offered to let us see any other movie showing this evening but my date declined the offer and being chivalrous I followed suit. (It would have been somewhat ungentlemanly to let her walk home on her own in the rain while I munched popcorn in screen 5).

The manager said she was sorry and I also spoke to the cashier who was also very apologetic. I would just like to say that I was very impressed by the courtesy of all staff involved and while initially peed off by what had happened, the situation was quickly resolved and at the end of the day mistakes do happen.

Thank you for making better what could have been a rotten evening and I shall use my free tickets very soon (but not for Paranormal Activity 4 which is apparently rubbish).

Yours sincerely,

Lance Manley LLB (Hons)

P.S. Taken 2 is apparently pants as well.

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  1. Good of you to let them know they did well, Lance - that kind of gentlemanly conduct is increasingly rare these days.


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