Thursday, 6 September 2012

The New Eyes

I was watching "Unforgettable...The Sweeney" last night, a sentimental reminisce of the days of Reagan and Carter and a segue into the new Ray Winstone movie out in a couple of weeks.

The Sweeney was about badass English Met police detective Inspector Jack Reagan. Hard drinking, chain smoking and foul mouthed. His Sergeant George Carter was a former boxer, himself a badass and the pair of them got stuck into thieves before retiring to the pub to get smashed and take some scrubber home, then wake up with a hangover (guaranteed pair of tits every episode).

Thing that struck me most was that the ex Flying Squad Chief Super that they interviewed made it quite clear that the 70s show was more or less accurate with a bit of spin. He said that in pubs frequented by both The Fuzz and The Bad Uns, they would stand at opposite ends of the bar and be minimally civil to each other, occasionally sending a drink over to each other with their compliments. Both had jobs, just one's job was to catch the other doing theirs.

The new movie looks fantastical and then some, even from the brief clips shown (Winstone pursuing someone in a 4x4 while using his phone at the same time, a shoot out in what appears to be central London).

The public will fall into two categories when watching this.

a). Twats who can't understand why cops don't really punch their fists through walls to grab bad 'uns in bears hugs or fire guns in Trafalgar Square and will demand in angry letters to Metro that real cops shape up.

b). People who know you can't dangle suspects off roofs without facing the wrath of Ian Tomlinson's fan club...and will remark how Winstone was excellent but the film sucked for being unrealistic.

Still, "DREDD 3D" is out tomorrow. Bit of zero tolerance policing and a bucket of popcorn the size of a horse's nose bag should see me right.

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