Monday, 17 September 2012

Former PC Simon Harwood. So Sorry It Worked Out This Way

I have a support page for Simon Harwood on Facebook. Name was today changed to “Former PC Simon Harwood. Sorry it worked out this way.”

Predictably I’ve had a lot of twonks leaving vitriolic comments on there, not least of all this guy. My reply to him is also shown.

Martin Heming
Bloody good job… We need police but not thugs like him. R.I.P Mr Tomlinson. Bless you!

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Lance Manley
Picture you clearly have.

Tomlinson was wandering home,  minding his own business, dreaming of a fish and chips supper when Harwood teleported down from planet Thug and lashed out. The violent shove and baton strike caused this poor man to stagger around before collapsing and dying. Harwood feigned crocodile tears over the incident while secretly laughing and even masturbating while remembering his thuggish brutality. He only cried in court because he knew it would make the jury feel sorry for him. The jury were all stupid and paid off by someone to find him Not Guilty. He will receive a handsome pay off from the Met now he's been sacked and probably join another force asap. Did I mention that he masturbates remembering killing poor Mr T?

Picture that is a more likely portrait of events.

Tomlinson got drunk and thought it was amusing to wind up cops at the G20. This has been proved through photographic evidence and video footage. His actions included deliberately blocking riot vans in narrow lanes  and refusing to move when ordered by police to get out of areas involving fighting and looting. Harwood had been on duty for several hours without a break and was tired, dirty and exhausted due to dealing with violent people attacking him and each other, plus shops and businesses. Faced with Tomlinson refusing to obey instructions to move on (in an area that had people fighting in it a few moments before) he hit him with his baton and pushed him, intending to get him to move away quicker. Tomlinson, despite trying to get this reaction for most of the day, then sat on the floor like a little girl and acted like it was an unprovoked assault. The baton strike clearly didn’t hurt as he never reached for where it landed. He was drunk, homeless, unfit, had ropey internal organs and was 50+. These factors are more than likely what killed him and NOT the baton strike or the shove. He died a short time later. Footage of the shove later emerged and as in this country, use of force has to be fucking “reasonable”….Harwood is legally going too far due to his momentary lapse of discipline (I say momentary as he didn’t kick the shit out of Tomlinson, nor hit him more than once (in an approved strike zone) nor continue once Tomlinson hit the ground). Harwood suffered a nervous breakdown upon finding out a man he’d pushed over had died. He has been almost beyond shame ever since it happened and would be no bastard use to anyone as a cop any more due to his emotional state and lack of support from his employers. Fully believing he was going to prison he cried in court when recounting what he’d done but was able to justify it as he (reasonably) had believed Tomlinson was a threat at the time. He cried again when acquitted because he was relieved to not be going to jail (which he would have done had he been found Guilty as cops who break the law are used as examples to others and get heavier sentences), where he would have been a target of nearly every other inmate in there with a capacity for violence. The Met decided to hold his misconduct tribunal in public because the Met Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe is a wanker. Tomlinson’s family were having nothing to do with him at the time he died and he was living in a homeless shelter (read that last bit again to yourself SLOWLY) and have now emerged solely to try an get compensation off the Met.

Get the picture now you ignorant twat?

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  1. I agree that the family are only out for money as they probably wouldn't pick him out of a photo-array. But I think you are fighting a losing battle here Lance.
    I did chuckle though when he walked in and pleaded guilty.This hearing was due to last three weeks.The Guardian and the BBC would have had a field day-lead story every night?


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