Sunday, 2 September 2012

4 in 14

I always held on to the belief that maybe, this was all a front.

I wanted to believe that the vitriol and bitterness I had heard about was a fa├žade.

I hoped beyond all hope that it would be at the very least civilised and at the fantastic end of the spectrum, friendly and with all past events put on ice.
I gave up going to a good friend’s wedding to be there.

For about 4 minutes we sat laughing and joking, before the fires sparked in the depths and I saw the anger rise, barely controlled.

Then I saw nothing except rage and bitterness.

Those 4 minutes were worth giving up the wedding for.


  1. Huh?
    Care to give us some context, Lance?

  2. Completely off topic, Lance, but is your book available in E-Book format ? Thanks.

  3. Yeah, both are. You can get them via Amazon.


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