Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Promoted Prick

Last year, about November time. I made a complaint against the Floor Manager at the local Specsavers for behaviour that in any business other than an optician's would have got him a smack in the mouth. I later found out that many staff at the branch had walked because of him and he had practically reduced one woman to a nervous breakdown.

The Store Manager, Franchise Owner and Head Office Customer Services Rep, did nothing about it beyond sending me letters saying how "deeply apologetic" the turd was and how he wished to put "this unfortunate incident behind him."

Through a mixture of tenacity, luck and unresolved, childhood bullying issues I found out the names of the senior, senior managers in the country and the senior, senior directors they answered to. After about 2 months of compiling a huge wadge of evidence about this guy's rancid conduct the Franchise Owner sent me an exasperated letter. He reminded me that the little shit I'd complained about was practically comatose with guilt over how he'd treated me and they'd had to physically restrain him from committing seppuku in the staff kitchen with a rusty butter knife.

Realising this wasn't going to go anywhere I stated that if the twat apologised to me personally then I'd accept that and would consider the matter closed. A day later a badly scrawled, hand written letter was hand delivered saying how sorry he was.

Honour restored.

Yesterday I went back to the store for the first time since this incident to ask for my last 7 year's prescriptions for possible lazer eye surgery. Cunt face was still there AND has been promoted to Store Manager since the previous one fled the coop.

Predictably it went tits up within about 2 minutes.

Below is the letter I have sent to the Senior, Senior Managers whose emails I still hold from last time and a guy at the head office in Guernsey who specifically told me on the phone "I am unable to pass opinion on what you're saying, but put it this way, I know him and I would LOVE to see this in put in writing."


Dear Senior, Senior Managers (and ----- in Guernsey),

With great reluctance today I stepped inside the doorway of Specsavers. Didn’t want to really, but I need my last 7 year’s prescriptions for lazer eye surgery.

I approached a gentleman near the door and explained what I needed. Unfortunately ----- was standing behind him and the gentleman gestured to  ----- to help me. I immediately said “I don’t want to talk to him, can you get someone else please?”

-----then said “he’s in training.”

I replied “fine, but I still don’t want to talk to you, please get someone else.”

----- then told me to take a seat and I replied “no thanks I’ll wait here.”

He glared at me and then said in a louder voice “would you just like to take a seat!”

I then said “I’ve just told you I don’t want to take a seat, I’ll wait here. I don’t want to talk to you can you get someone else to deal with me.

He then fetched another member of staff and as they walked over to me I overheard the words “be careful he’s very rude” being said by ----- to the other guy.

I dealt with this man in a friendly manner and apologised to him for dripping water from my cap onto the reception desk. He replied it’s ok. I accepted his offer of a seat and waited for a minute or so. He then came back but ----- walked over and stood near to us listening to our conversation. The other member of staff said they would mail the prescriptions to me soon. He said they needed my address and -----, with characteristic cretinousness and lack of social skills, then interjected with “we’ve already got his address” to which I, in exasperation said “for Christ’s sake!!”

As I have a hand written apology from ----- for how he treated me last year, in a complaint that went all the way to the highest levels of your hierarchy, you’d think he’d have learned some basic manners and courtesy. I was initially polite when I said I didn’t want to speak to him but he seems to think that loitering around like a bad smell is a great way to endear yourself to a former customer he had to apologise in writing to (scan attached).

Needless to say I won’t be going back there again and have no doubt this letter will make no difference to your business at all, especially as I found out later that you promoted this creep to store manager after -----fled the coop.

Oh, and -----, as I know you'll be shown this email. Don’t grin like an imbecile any more in the street like you usually do when you see me. Just be a good chap and ignore me.

Mine sincerely

Lance Manley LLB (Hons)
- Freelance journalist and former police officer.

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  1. So, I take it that you two didn't see eye to eye.

    Geddit? Geddit?

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