Sunday, 20 May 2012

Unarmed but dangerous?

While the Olympic flame was being carried along, held proudly aloft by one of the dozens or even hundreds of runners that have earned the right to endorse the biggest sponsorship wet dream in British history, a man strayed too close to the torch bearer and was shoved into a hedge by a police officer jogging nearby and doing “security”.

Various comments have cropped up on various blogs crying “brutality” and “excessive use of force” but I have my own theory.

The Olympic Games 2012 is an opportunity, on a very primal level, for us to gain back the international respect we once had.

Our police forces patrol mainly unarmed. Firearms units are specialised and not located on sections. This has proved counter productive to the needs of an increasingly violent and self entitled society where criminals have become ever more dangerous while the Government and police senior management have continued in being Egyptian Fish**.

As the Olympics approaches we have several scenarios that could occur:

1). The Games are an unparalleled success. Everything goes well and we are lauded in the world’s media as a country that held one of, if not THE best Olympics EVER;

2). The Games go OK. Various transport issues and security flaws, not to mention bribery and corruption allegations surrounding tickets and sponsorship. Nothing special but it doesn’t do our reputation too much harm as a nation;

3). The whole thing goes udders aloft. Terrorist threats and general petulance on behalf of people who think it is their unalienable right to ignore what cops say and dozens of accusations of “powice bwutawity” due to people being pushed, hit on the upper thigh once with Asp batons or thrown into hedges. The Games make us the laughing stock of every other continent and make every Chav, Mafioso and terrorist realise that we are a pushover.

So what’s happened is this…

A couple of years ago some very clever, intuitive and forward thinking people in the Government, the Security services, the armed forces and the Police got together and said “we have an opportunity now.” They realised that the morals and message that a mainly unarmed police force sends to the world could be a rousing success IF handled properly.

Reasonable force and Self Defence in this country make a joke of pre-emptive action. Everything is judged in hindsight. When it’s just one or two people, no one really cared but now a whole country, and more importantly a lot of M.O.N.E.Y, might suffer if our lack of security proves to make us a bunch of pansies to anyone willing to test the waters of tolerance.

So…the big knobs thrashed out an idea. The idea is this.

1). Cops will now be quasi military in appearance. Even those jogging along next to Olympic flame bearers. Their tracksuits will make them look like off duty S.A.S soldiers;

2). Cops on duty will look badass. Those responding to firearms incidents will have their faces covered so they cannot be identified and later made targets of in the global media or by those who bear a grudge. They will not mess about. They will act to the letter of the law but will give no leeway to “benefit of the doubt”. Ignore a verbal command to do as you told and at the very least you will be tazered until you shit and piss yourself;

3). Cops will act pre-emptively. “One Warning” will be the unofficial instruction. A big catch wagon or three, will be ready on standby at any and all events. Out will be the smiles and attempts to reason with stubborn punters, left wing protesters or drunken twats. In will be “MOVE ALONG!!!”, instant use of force and being nicked without hesitation.

4). Extra police will be used solely for arrest purposes. A veritable clean up squad of uniformed nickers to keep the streets clear of trouble makers. Specials may be utilised in this fashion as they are the most expendable if situations escalate beyond reasonable containment levels.

5). If it hasn’t happened already. Special Constabulary insignia in the Met and all neighbouring forces, plus those on mutual aid, will revert to the same as Regular insignia accompanied by “SC” (i.e. two gold pips for Special Inspector, as opposed to two gold or silver bars).

The police will show the world that they can contain and patrol, conduct and manage, detain and arrest…WITHOUT the use of, or even the carrying of firearms class 1 through 3. The Olympic Games has finally acted as the catalyst for what should have happened a long time ago. The police, having no lethal weapons to fall back on, have to be much more common sense when dealing with criminals.

No more repeated warnings. No more tolerance of stupidity and stubbornness in the face of instructions. No more “softly, softly” and no more “hands off” approaches.

The long overdue utilisation of authority without negotiation will take place.

However there is one potential pitfall…

If the whole thing goes bad. If an officer does a Harwood on some other obstructive fat slob and the bloke dies of a heart attack. If a gobby cow gets in a hulking Sergeant’s face and hurls liquid all over him, and he retaliates by striking her once with his baton on the upper thigh. If somebody who is able to walk uses a wheelchair just to annoy the police and then screams like a little girl if tipped out of it…then police senior management need to stand firm, stand by their officers and say “this officer has our full support pending the results of the enquiry. They are still on active duty and will be until such a time as evidence is presented that they shouldn’t be”. What they do NOT need to do is back off to let the accused fend for themselves like they currently do or decry the officer in the media as an aggressive little cunt before he's even been tried.

Finally we get to prove to the world that our cops can be unarmed and dangerous. But this could so easily prove that they are in fact neutered and farcical.

You have been warned.

** Living in denial.

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  1. How do you think it went then Lance? As I recall the group 4 extra security was a bit of a farce and the anti-aircraft batteries a bit stupid, but otherwise went fairly smoothly?


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