Sunday, 6 May 2012

God’s Puncture Repair Kit

I read somewhere that the universe provides for us what we need, provided we accept it and that we have at least subconscious faith in this notion.

Throughout my life I have had things land my way that appear to be intervention from a higher authority. What pitiful stuff, you may cry...but this month this has come more into focus.

I wrote THE CATASTROPHE OF THE EMERALD QUEEN, my second book, over a year. Most was written in Mexico where I was living with my ex girlfriend. I wanted to get it published the normal way (i.e. through an established publishing house) but found a lack of interest so did it myself.

A friend of mine runs a comic shop in Maidstone called The Grinning Demon. He holds a twice yearly comic convention in the town called DEMOCON and I helped out for number 2. As 3 was approaching he asked me if I’d like a stall to sell my book to punters. “How much?” I enquired.

“Nothing” he replied “just give us a copy of your book for the raffle”.

So on 22nd April I got to sit at a table with another author and sign copies of both COTEQ and my first book STAB PROOF SCARECROWS. One of the best feelings you can have as an author is someone want to buy your work and ask you to autograph it.

But other things began happening to, that led me to believe getting this second book out was meant to be.

My mate is an artist. He studied art at college and still does the odd thing in his spare time. His work is excellent and after he read a copy of COTEQ he asked if he could do the artwork for a second edition. He has so far knocked up some exquisite drawings that totally caught what I was imagining when I wrote the novel. Rare that someone can do that and I put it down as much to his artistic talents as my descriptive skills. The next DEMONCON we will go up together and he will get to fulfil one of his dreams, in that people will not only like but want to pay for his artwork.

On my job I meet a lot of people. Woman who lives on my rounds turned out to be a children’s author who’s had two books published. I once knocked on her door as she was opening a fan letter from a 10 year old devotee who gushed that her first effort was his “favouritest book in the whole world”. She has given me a lot of advice with regard to getting published and is always super helpful.

Then it turned out that her neighbour fixes computers. My netbook broke down (Acer Aspire One, ugh!) and he retrieved all the files off the hard disk, bunged them on an external drive and then lent me it so I could get them on my new laptop.

THEN a woman living round the corner bought a copy of COTEQ for her 8 year old son’s birthday. A few days ago she introduced me to her neighbour and added “she knew JK Rowling you know”. Cynical as I am I didn’t believe this would be more than she’d met her once…until she said:

“Oh yes, my husband more than me. They were at university together you know. She had an unhappy childhood, mother died when she was very young and her Greek husband divorced her before she became famous but later wanted to take half her money. Didn’t get it mind. We’ve got a couple of signed first editions in the wardrobe somewhere. She also signed one of my husband’s guitars for him”.

After a long pause I replied, “don’t make it public knowledge about the first editions and especially not the guitar unless you want this place invaded by 10 year olds”.

She laughed and went “you’ve written a book haven’t you? Drop me a copy through the door next week and I’ll use it for the book club I run”.

She then gave me £10 for it and said to keep the change.

Finally, the new laptop I bought cost me £350 that I don’t have. I needed it though so just bit the bullet and kicked my overdraft out of its Sunday morning lie in. Then I discovered that a bonus at work, being paid to established employees for embracing the new working scheme, is also being given to me and my fellow new recruits. Total figure is £600 but as we’re part time we get it “pro rata”. This will be….£350.

Life, sometimes I want to hug you.

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  1. That picture rocks.

    One of my fave bits of the book


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