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Get On With It!!! (Nicely)

This pile of badger piss turned up on Inspector Gadget's blog today (in the Comments section).

The line "mother of 11" should have most people sympathising 100% with the cop. Ever heard of birth control bitch?!!

One thing I can't get my head around is the fact that even now, Bobbies are meant to have unobtanium as part of their core stamina, i.e. the ability to keep their tempers at all times and only react with violence and choice language when it is (in hindsight) 100% necessary.

I personally never did, nor heard of anyone getting "being called all the names under the sun, moon and stars by someone screaming in my face from 2 feet away" training. Nor was I given "keeping your opinions to yourself despite what provocation you may have had at the time or before"

There was always before, an assumed and unspoken belief in the stamina of cops and their underlying ability to withstand any and all things thrown their way.

Have to deliver a death message? Get on with it. Skipper, being a good bloke wouldn’t expect you to do it again for at least a week but you’d just get on with it.

Have to look for a missing 7 year old girl (at night, in a dark field, in the rain) the day after a prolific and violent nonce was released into the community? Get on with it! Inspector, being a good bloke would call you all into his office and personally thank you for your efforts.

Get to arrest a violent thug on shore leave who is notorious for getting bladdered and taking his 19 stone, 6’ 3” frame into town and starting fights? GET ON WITH IT!!! If you got hurt yourself you’d be signed off sick until you could come back on duty again, with a visit from a few of your mates to see if you were ok and maybe a verbal message that “the guv’nor and the skipper send their best”.

Thing that held this together was the knowledge that you had support, that your world was unique and only those within it (or who had retired from it) could ever understand what you had to put up with. You didn’t complain as it was a job that required stamina, strength and the realisation that you could be killed while on duty or crippled for life.

While watching The Sweeney as a kid I was majorly perturbed by the sight of Jack Regan. You got the feeling looking at this guy that he was a thug who just happened to have his moral compass pointing the right way. He looked aggressive, intense and potentially a bully. Someone I wouldn’t have liked to have met at school. Fortunately he did a job where his tendencies were polished and enhanced. He was a hard bastard, capable of killing someone if necessary but ultimately a “good bloke”.

Violence is sometimes necessary. So is foul language. The cop in the Medway story is being pilloried in the press for making one comment. Who knows why he said it but it ultimately doesn’t matter. The shit bags who filmed him expect “justice” to be done and this man to be punished for saying such howwid words to kids. Any and all behaviour they may have committed before this moment is not to be held against them or be used as an attempt to negate or justify his remarks.

Which brings me back to….

The mythical stamina of cops.

Back in the day they looked out for each other. The problem was a lot of morons thought they could make everything better so now we have:

a). If a Bobby sees a fellow Bobby say or do something “inappropriate” and doesn’t report it, he/ she will be in deep shit if someone else later DOES report it. This rule was presumably passed to ensure bullying and dishonesty were not ignored. Bottom line is that it has resulted in the sad scenario of a van full of coppers talking about the weather and reacting like robots to “inappropriate” spontaneous incidents (such as a woman on a hen night showing her tits to a van full of coppers, who just stared blankly at her. This resulted in the delicious irony of her then being offended and shouting “don’t tell me you’ve seen better than them!!!”)

b). Officer Safety Training has been taken down so far that the live wires are now exposed. Gone are punches and throws, in are “open handed heel strikes to the upper torso” (pushing someone in the chest while shouting “GET BACK!!!”), trying to disarm someone with your bare hands who has a knife (which they freely acknowledge is virtually impossible to do without getting stabbed at least once) and striking with your baton to “approved zones” only (outer, upper thighs and outer, upper arms….NEVER EVER to the face, head or groin, regardless of threat level). They didn’t introduce this as it was the 100% safest thing to do, or that it made cops more effective with their use of force. They did it solely to avoid litigation against the police and to limit the amount of complaints about excessive force. I know a retired police safety trainer who has said he would NOT come back to train cops again if asked, due to the dangerous and moronic way the training is given nowadays.

c). Single Crewing. Putting a lone, sole Bobby “armed” with only pepper spray and a baton out on their own. This resulted in the blinding and suicide of PC David Rathband who was parked up eating a sandwich in his patrol vehicle when uber-cunt Raoul Moat shot him in the face. Theory is that if you are called to attend an incident that you deem beyond your ability to control, you call for backup. Has the ludicrous end result however, of another car being called to escort a prisoner, which the arresting officer has to get into as well. The original vehicle is then left parked up, and in some of the chavvier areas might be burned out with the wheel arches up on bricks when it is reclaimed.

There is a very dangerous belief that cops are like Shaolin monks. Trained in fighting techniques but only resorting to them when (in hind-cunting-sight) it is totally, 100% appropriate. Walking onto an estate and saying that kids are “scum” is hardly worthy of a headline, even in a jam rag like the Daily Mail.

Having taken away the core aspects that kept a team of cops loyal, committed and full of good ole stamina, the government and Police Senior Management now have the temerity to blame the officers themselves when things don’t go right. Pay has been cut, pensions fiddled with, people pushed into “voluntary” redundancy yet we are still meant to believe that everything is just jim dandy-o.

You can’t mess around with the cake recipe and eat it folks.

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  1. "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."
    -George Orwell

    As relevant as it was then it is now.


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