Friday, 23 March 2012


A mate of mine is the cop in this story. Although they got both his first and last names wrong. Instills such faith in journalism.


  1. Kent police then Lance? I knew you would let your guard down eventually...
    You know the PC and I know the criminal...the circle is complete....

  2. Just read this ......... don't know why I'm writing this as no fu**er will ever read it as this post is over a year old or ever give a sh1t even if they did but I got knocked down whilst on duty by a nicked car. That was over 10 years ago. The bad guy got 10 years. He was out after 7 walking around without a care in the world. I however have very limited use of my one arm as a result of what this chap did to me. Sometimes I can't walk properly. I'm only 37 but are stuffed from now until the day I die.
    Mate of mine had an identical incident happen to him ... he got run over deplying a stinger after the driver deliberatly ran him down. He had to come off the frontline and now limps around behind the custody counter at my nick. He can't exercise and has become overweight due to his lack of movement.
    Who cares about me and my mate .......?? No-one, no bastard. Now my pension has been reduced by the government despite me paying 13.5 percent of my wage every month. I've not had a pay rise for 3 years ....... every story I read about the Police is negative. The politicians hate us, the scumbags hate us and a lot of the publi think we're shit because the press slags us off every 5 minutes as they know that our pathetically weak top brass never stick up for us....
    Be glad you're out now Lance ..... atleast you can ride your bike and hold a bowl of cereal without dropping it like a fu**ing idiot .... things happen for a reason ... maybe you leaving was a good thing, if not you could be like me and my mate .... and theres many, many coppers like us ..... just no-one ever gets to hear about us mate.
    Good luck with whatever lifebrings you!


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