Monday, 27 February 2012

My new book is almost done!!!

After a year’s writing, about 7 redrafts and 15-ish rejections from literary agents I have finally finished the final, final, FINAL proof of my new book.


It’s a magical, fantasy adventure for kids aged between 9 and 15 with themes of loyalty, friendship, trust, betrayal and loss. The baddies are ever so bad and the goodies extremely good but with occasional shades of grey.

My Dad, Mike Manley did the artwork for the cover.

The blurb is:

"Eleven year old Sophie Roberts is in a coma in hospital following a car accident. When bored and curious eleven year old boy Jared Miller stumbles upon a monstrous assassin in her room, he and Sophie are saved only by the intervention of a warrior from the magical world of Alegria, a world linked to our own by Sophie and a world which is in dire peril as long as she remains in her coma.

Kidnapped and taken to Alegria, Jared is the only person that can save the kingdom from the evil King James and restore it to its former peaceful glory. But he is also the key that could bring an end to Alegria forever".

Based partially on my experiences in the UK Police (or at least, their cretinous lack of security in fundamentally important areas) and with characters both based on and inspired by people I have met.

Feedback from the guinea pigs who read the manuscript (sons and daughters of friends) has been 95% positive, with only my punctuation and long-winded sentences getting negative feedback.

This will be up this week on Amazon Kindle. Price will be around £2.50 (UK Sterling).

Anyone wants one then get in touch.


  1. Looks cool Lance.

    Sounds a bit like Neverending Story or Labyrinth. Both of which are great.

    Buzz L

  2. Will get a copy Lance and test it on my nephew.
    Well done btw.


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