Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Enforced Tolerance On The Homophobic, Racist, Sexist, White, Heterosexual British Male.

As Ali Dizaei goes back to prison but Abu Qatada is released I  wonder if the powers-that-were have actually ever felt guilty about the mess they have made of the UK.

For far too long there has been an underlying assumption that any average white male is genetically racist and intolerant to anything other than people like himself. This is tattooed into our souls and cannot be removed without careful training and retraining. We are at our core bad people and the worst part is that we don’t even realise it.

So, for many years now we have had the police and many public serving workforces peddling putrid filth to their employees that they are, deep down, complete and utter fucking bastards.

Race and Diversity training in the two police forces I served with lasted an inordinately long time. For the Specials I had to put up with a day interacting with role play actors in various scenarios concerning harassment of various forms. Turns out it cost over a thousand pounds to get these 3 numpties into Bishopsgate nick for 5 hours.

This week Denise Milani, a wretched arrogant woman in the Metropolitan Police has upset even the mighty Inspector Gadget with her hugely inappropriate poetry competition. Emailing all Met officers and staff Denise, the Director of Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate invites them to pen a poem for National Women’s Day. Entries should focus on “creating a gender sensitive working environment”. Winners get to have “elevenses” with the rancid cow in her office at New Scotland Yard. Denise is serious. She has no idea just how many people she has pissed off by doing this. Black women and white women alike have left flaming comments on various Internet forums, decrying the stupid slag for her cretinousness.

Did I mention that she also gets 80 grand a year salary and has a staff of 36 people?

For far too long we have had tolerance shoved down our throats in a way that suggested that anyone who didn’t enjoy the sight of disabled policemen or dyslexic PCSOs was a Nazi.

Ali Dizaei was a chancer. He played the race card at any and all criticism levelled at him when he was in reality a corrupt little cunt and a thuggish bully. Only now he’s been banged up again (hopefully sharing his cell with a Viagra-fuelled rapist with a very big dick) are former colleagues publicly saying he was a wrong ‘un.

However with him justice has finally been served.

The Human Shites Act, an invention of the New Labour prolapse from 1997 to 2009 was designed to give everyone a basic set of fundamental rights that could not under any circumstances be broken.

This has now led to the mockery of hateful little turd Abu Qatada being released from gaol and given supervision costing the taxpayer tens of thousands per month while he remains under virtual house arrest. We cannot send him back to Jordan as they might torture him when he gets there. It would breach his Human Rights.

A man who entered the country illegally and has lived on Benefits since he got here while spewing his vile philosophies.

Now…the UK public are finally saying “enough”. Cretins like Milani thrive simply because no one is prepared to stand up and say “you’re talking out your arse you ugly fat bitch”. They’re afraid that if they do then they will be singled out as racist, sexist or both.

From British Airways to the Met Police. Policies that make the so called “normal” in society suffer have been unfairly foisted upon us by ignorant and/ or spiteful people. With BA, they had a policy of not allowing unaccompanied children to sit next to men they didn’t know. However it was fine for them to sit next to a woman. All men are potentially the world’s most determined paedophile while all women are maternal angels.

From Dale Farm to Dizaei, from Milani to the Met this ludicrous and farcical shit has gone on for far too long. Not wanting people like Milani or Dizaei around does not make me a racist.

It simply makes me somebody with zero tolerance of cunts.


  1. Mint, you know how to rant don't you?

    I shall, henceforth, drop in here when I see any given topic on IG's blog that spurs you to keyboard rattling!

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  3. Now you see why I got out when I could, right?...and stayed out!

    The UK is gloriously screwed-up and, by all accounts, getting worse.

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