Monday, 13 February 2012

Ali Dizaei is back in prison. The UK police are still crap though.

As Ali Dizaei goes back to prison and his lawyer Imran Khunt says how disappointed he was with the result (tell us something we don’t fucking know!!!) I predict a new UK police force will emerge phoenix-like from the flames and ashes of the current bunch of tom and tammy tiddlers that masquerade as Bobbies.


Friday and the charity shop I used to work in had some piss head from a nearby pub kicking off. He marched in and threw a bloke up against the staff room door and was making burbling threats to kill. Bloke’s wife pleaded with the manager to call 999.

Operator said “officers will be there in 2 minutes, there have blues and twos on”.

Officers arrived 13 minutes later. Bloke had fornicated off.

Warwickshire Justice Centre is a 4 minute walk from the shop.

Today I phoned Control Room to ask why the delay?

Operator originally got sarcastic and piped up “we don’t have a car waiting on standby in case…” at which point I interrupted and said I understood that they were stretched to capacity and were now a roving hub and she didn’t have to be quite so flippant.
She instantly changed and said how frustrating it was for her to try and deal with Jobs that come in when the only available unit is on the other side of Warwickshire. She added that the new system sucks and everyone bar ACPO despise it. She put the icing on the cake by telling me that on a shift there are only 2 cars with armed officers for the WHOLE COUNTY.

We wished each other well and concluded our call.


So everything is like the beginning of Braveheart where things hadn’t gone tits (or sporrans) up due to most people just wanting a quiet life. While I don’t predict the local Police Area Commander will slit a woman’s throat in public just to goad her husband into fighting (Meriden gypsy camp hasn’t got that bad yet), it is only due to most people NOT wanting to riot that things remain in a stable equilibrium.

The Diamon Jubilee of Elizabeth and the summer Olympics will be make or break for the old style of policing. Unarmed cops having to deal with one of the biggest terrorist opportunities in British history will show once and for all that we need ripped badasses patrolling the streets. The 5`3” woman with an arse like a pear and a fear of being hit is not fucking good except for recruitment drives for other vertically stunted females with junk in the trunk.

To prove people don’t’ want this pathetic charade any more. Find a chav who’s in love. Ask him if he was walking home with his beloved and 6 lads started “givin’ ‘em shit”. Would he prefer a police van to gently roll up, park without causing obstruction to other road users and for a handful of “nice” Bobbies to get out and verbally reason with everyone that they should vacate the area.

OR….a van screeches to a halt, bowling one thug over the bonnet and 10 big, hulking thugs jump out with batons in hand, pepper spray primed and the safety catch off and snarl “FUCK OFF OR YOU’RE ALL GETTING NICKED!!!”

Every walking ASBO I’ve ever asked has said the latter.

As the last bastion of race card playing, arrogant, corrupt turds goes down for a few more months before being ungraciously cut free of the Met….we can hope that finally someone will grow a pair, and put it all to bed and give us a force of protectors. NOT lilly livered pansies.

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