Friday, 16 December 2011

The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves...

Have given up working in the charity shop.

We have had a couple of quite serious incidents in the last few weeks and the manager, a stress bunny at the best of times, has refused to handle either of them properly so I’ve decided to pull the plug.

First was a guy who came in, went into the dressing room and came out with a few items. He asked the girl behind the counter standing next to me to keep them for him till later and when I reached over to take one he snapped “you work here?”

I laughed and went “err..yeah” and he shouted

“only fucking asking, I don’t know you”.

I told him to wind his neck in, stop being such a cock and to calm down. Clearly used to dealing with little old ladies and women he got all blustery and while backing out the door said he WASN’T being aggressive and I was. I asked him his name and he blurted it out and then fucked off. I called the police and it turns out he’s been doing this for months or years and either tries stuff on and then puts his jacket over it or just stuffs it down his top or in his bag. The boss agreed that I could tell him he was banned the next time he came in and the girls were told to call me at home to come down and tell him to leave if he ever came back.

We also put a sign up on the changing room to say that you had to ask a member of staff before going in there (being Britain it said “please ask” as opposed to “due to thieving cunts, please ask...”) and put a rope around the curtain when it was open back so anyone wanting to use the room had to undo it first.

Then, two days ago we had 60 quid get nicked out the till. While annoying at the best of times this was made worse by the fact that it was 90% certainly one of the staff  who was the only viable suspect bar the store manager herself. This person's behaviour was odd the rest of the day (came back just after we found out despite having knocked off for the day; had a loud conversation on the phone with their mum in front of me and the manager about how they had no money) and despite agreeing to me searching them (while the manager searched the other staff member who’d been there when it happened)...nothing.

Boss that night on the phone said the police were coming round on Friday (2 fucking days later, useless twats) and she had no qualms about firing the prime suspect as even if it couldn’t be proven they did MUST have been them.

I turned up today and the toe rag I’d had the row with was back. The manager grinned inanely then whispered for me to keep an eye on him. I pointed out that she’d asked me to ban him, which I was more than happy to do. She whispered again that “as long as he behaves himself I don’t mind him being here” completely back pedalling on what she’d said before (literally, ban him or call the police).

He saw me looking at him and mumbled “two jeans mate” before heading into the changing room. In disgust I went “your name John?

He went “no” and then closed the curtain and we had a surreal Monty Python-esque conversation through the drawn curtain where he went “why?”

I asked “are you Gavin?” (his twin brother).

Again. “No, why?”

I replied “coz you look exactly like some twat I had an argument with in here a few weeks back but if you’re not him no problem. By the way, I work here”.

He came out 5 mins later, put the jeans back and walked out without looking at me. I shouted “cheerio” and he still ignored me.

Final straw was finding out immediately after that the prime suspect was not only back and working but left unsupervised in the office. Manager said she wasn’t willing to sack them unless it could be proved they’d done it, meaning they will be there until they resign as we will never prove they did it.

Just to put the icing on the cake the manager had taken the rope off the changing room curtain as “it looked ugly” and initially took my suggestion of removing the curtain entirely and only putting it back when people needed it as my desire to see people getting changed in public. I corrected her and she acted like it was a stupid idea and said “I’m not doing THAT!”

So, can’t help people who won’t help themselves so I’m now out of it.

Shame as it’s a nice shop and I like volunteering but I’m not putting myself in this kind of situation any more. Had enough of this shit in the police.

* Final denoument. Manager said I probably upset John the Cunt and made him aggressive by laughing at him. Even though he has extensive previous history of theiving from charity shops and is banned from at least one other one in town.

** Final Final. Police sent a PCSO (Interactive Traffic Cone) by today (48 hours after moneys were stolen) to reassure my boss that proper police will be round some time next week to take statements. Boss got cross when I later referred to him as “an ineffectual and useless, lanky twat”.

She stuck up for how “nice, polite and helpful” he was. So are Cub Scouts, but they don’t have arrest powers either.

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  1. I agree - that does count as \\having a REALLY bad day\\


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