Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wal-Mart's Folly

I was interviewed on Mercia FM at 5.10pm yesterday. 

DJ Andy Goulding asked for anyone who had an “innapropriate and sexed up name” for a basic job to phone the station.

They played an edited version of my conversation with him, about half an hour later.

The Top 5 were briefly referenced by the DJ and were…

5). Hygiene Consultant (cleaner)
4). Erection Specialist (scaffolder)
3). Food and Nutrition Consultant (dinner lady)
2). Refuse Specialist (dustman)

and mine at no.1….

Evening Service Hero (Asda delivery man working nights).

They had rather scarily edited what I said but left in my rants about a “silver medalist” being someone who didn’t get the job but whose CV is retained on file and that the daft bastards call their recruitment process “Asda Magic”

Only down side was that he called me Lawrence and realising that after hearing my own voice for the first time in several years I have realised that I sound nothing like Vin Diesel.

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