Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Sensible Interview

Yesterday, for the first time in a while I had an interview for a job that did NOT involve Political "Cunting" Correctness, over emphasis on team work or stupid monikers for basic job titles (reminder: Asda call a van driver on the night shift an "Evening Service Hero". Don't know if he wears his underpants outside his trousers when delivering or not).

The Post Office are recruiting for temps for the next 3 months, to deal with the Xmas rush and the trail off after.

I filled in an application form online, did a reaction test (matching postcodes to addresses on screen within an ever decreasing time limit) and then a personality test, presumably designed to winkle out the unsuitable, the lazy or the psychopathic.

I turned up on Tuesday for the allotted appointment only to find that I was bereft of the essential documents, namely my passport and driving licence. I explained that the confirmation email had failed to mention them but as I only lived a five minute walk up the road I was happy to take a brisk stroll home and grab them. Bloke said to come back in the morning instead at 8am.

Being unemployed it takes a lot to get me to heave myself out of my pit and my flat is fucking freezing right now. I accidentally left the oil based heater on all night last Sunday and am currently cacking it over what the bill will be in 3 months.Working in a charity shop has its advantages though and I got a timer plug for a quid and made use of that on the two-bar halogen heater Mumsy bought me as she couldn't "bear to see me freezing in that flat".

Morning comes and at around 7am I get not only warmth but heat too as it clicks into life and I heaved myself off the double inflatable mattress and pulled on my best suit, laced up my Magnum boots (well, they look like smart shoes on a casual inspection) and made my way back.

Against my expectations the interview was totally common sense and the bloke brought in to talk with me after they'd verified my ID was pleasant, didn't have a tie on (but was in suit) and started with "can you give an example of when you needed to prioritise responsibilities?".

He followed with examples of working on my own, when I'd had to give my word and keep it and summed up with "why do you want to work as a postman and what qualities could you bring to Royal Mail?" to which I replied:

"To be honest I need a job BUT I am hard working, truthful and love a challenge".

He nodded and said "ok, I accept that" and said they'd be in touch.

No Race and Diversity questions, no probing over when I'd helped a blind, lesbian, disabled, Athiest dwarf to speak Urdu and not tiresome names for jobs or equipment (the cart to put the mail in is called "the post cart" NOT "the magical conveyance of communication").

Time will tell.

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