Sunday, 20 November 2011

It cuts both ways...

Four police officers in London have been hurt while attempting to detain one man who ran away from them then took a knife from a butcher's shop and attacked them with it.

What I find most disgusting about this whole shebang is that even now, when officers are hurt in a ludicrous display of special needs petulance, and the Met Commissioner himself appears on BBC News to express his sympathies...we are STILL debating a point that is no longer moot.

Cops SHOULD AND MUST BE ARMED NOW. If the Police Senior Management are that fucking afraid of upsettign Wayne and Waynetta Public by routinely arming constables then start with Tazers and a gun in a locked safe in the ARV, then in a year or two when it's proven that this hasn't caused shoplifters to go out and buy depleted uranium rounds for their Nerf guns THEN move up to a gun on the hip.

Four officers were hurt detaining ONE man.

Read that back to yourself slowly.

Officer Safety Training is so atrocious that you are NOT told how to disarm someone with a blade beyond spraying them and if you then find out that they're the 1 in 10, have heavy mucus membranes, or are just to drunk to feel it then your Plan B is to run away and call for Firearms to attend.

ANY threat of force needs to be met not with the same level of force but with " Plus 1"....i.e. if you hit a cop, he sprays you. If you attack him with a bottle, he tazes you and if the bottle is broken or you have a knife or get shot with lethal force.

I have a friend in City of London police who 100% believes that in that "Machete vs Riot Shields" embarrassment last May...that the cops on scene behaved totally appropriately.

Bravely sure. Appropriately?!! Nope.

The wailing and teeth gnashing when Menezes was shot was totally disproportionate to what was actually going on, i.e. two terrorist attacks in 2 weeks and the worst of their kind since the blitz from World War 2.

Whenever a UK officer shoots someone it is treated as if someone let a Rottweiler off its leash and it bit a child. Only after going over all the evidence with a fine toothed comb do we then say “oh, actually maybe that WAS appropriate force”.

When Andrew Kernan was shot dead by police in July 2001, his mother lamented that “you don’t kill someone with a mental illness”…as if a spontaneous reaction to finding someone in the street in their pyjamas swinging a sword should encompass their mental state.

Tazer, while more ACPO-promotion friendly, is a weapon that can only be used at close range and ONLY if both barbs penetrate the skin.

The disgusting obessession with not making the police SCARY to the public is a myth that can no longer be supported.

I am with Inspector Gadget on this one. Arm the police. Give them training to defend themselves that doesn’t involve shouting “GET BACK!!!” while shoving with an open handed palm strike to the chest and most importantly….allow the evidence available AT THE TIME to determine the outcome, not a load of crap put in place afterwards to make everyone feel retrospectively guilty.

** And just so there’s no misunderstanding on how passionately I care about this…the officers that killed Jean Charles de Menezes deserve gallantry medals. They 100% believed they were killing a suicide bomber. Their mindsets were those of heroes, not murderers.

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