Monday, 6 June 2011

Sergeant Kerwan and the broken promise.

I left the police 3 years ago.

It was far from an amicable split and was in fact with much bitterness and resentment after suffering months of bullying from a sergeant who resembled Gollum from Lord of the Rings and who (amongst a multitude of cuntish behaviour) smirked contentedly after reducing me to tears in a meeting I was given no prior warning as to the content of.

After quitting I wrote letters to the Chief Constable, the Deputy Chief Constable and the three Assistant Chief Constables of my old force stating what had happened and asking that I be granted an exit interview to air my grievances.

They predictably locked shields on this one and metaphorically stuck their fingers in their ears and went “LA LA LAAAA!!!” to drown out any and all complaints I may have raised against them.

As I was citing disability discrimination in my reasons for leaving (criticized for “avoiding confrontation” when recovering from a slipped disc) they should have been falling over both themselves and my walking stick in their desire to see me but…what you don’t know can’t hurt you (or so some people say) and they were adamant that my request to see the Chief Superintendent (area commander) would NOT be granted.

Finally, after fighting for 18 months I was granted a reluctant interview with the Assistant Chief Constable for Professional Standards. Despite all my misgivings the guy was a complete gentleman and (once he found out I wasn’t after money) listened to what I had to say, winced at most of it, put his head in hands at one point and said the following.

“I promise you now that that sergeant will NEVER hurt anyone else again. While that will not help you I give you my word that he will not be able to do this any more. He will be more closely supervised in future”.

He then added that “I have to merge from 6 areas to 4, in light of what you’re telling me I will definitely be closing that one”.

We shook hands and I moved on, waiting patiently for the promise to be fulfilled.

Problem is that a lot of shit went down last year that affected it.

1). My book STAB PROOF SCARECROWS came out that described in great detail exactly what had happened to me in the police. While I left my old force unnamed they weren’t stupid and in the first two months of its release (where it was sold out every day on Amazon) the same Assistant Chief Constable wrote to everyone they thought they’d correctly matched to my pseudonyms (including Sergeant Kerwan) and stated that while they regretted that I’d written the book, I had been very careful not to name them and they weren’t prepared to engage in media discussion”. Translation “we’re well and truly fucked off about this but he’s not named us so we are going to ignore the little bastard and hope this goes away quietly”.

2). The force lost both its Chief and Deputy Chief Constable to pastures new and had to reappoint.

3). The new government announced hideous cuts of 20% to police budgets meaning everything got cut and months of planning went into redesigning and shifting everyone around and working out who could be laid off or reassigned.

So…I waited.

Last week the announcements were finally made and it turns out that despite the good officers that have been put on back room tasks due to being near retirement. Despite the tears in response teams and CID units up and down the county due to squads being split up. Despite the good officers that are being forced out or pushed aside and marginalized.

Despite ALL that…Sergeant Kerwan kept his job and the Assistant Chief did not keep his promise.

Still, there’s always plan B.

Time will tell.

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