Thursday, 9 June 2011

Alfie Meadows and Super Nanny

Intellectually challenged pig hater Alfie Meadows accused the police of beating him with a baton at a student fees protest. This was later proved to be utter cobblers and Meadows was subsequently charged with Violent Disorder (one step down from Riot) for a separate incident.

Today the magistrates refused to hear his case and referred it to Crown Court on July 19th.

My own opinions on this rusty bucket of rank kipper heads can be found below.

8th June 2011
(Reply to post by Inspector Gadget)

My own theories on dangle berries like Meadows can be summed up thus.

When Super Nanny Jo Frost sits quietly observing the foul offspring of various clueless twerps on the initial Observation Day of her assignments we witness out of control thugs, screaming brats and pampered twin girls who regard any authority as an infringement of their right to do whatever the hell they like.

Ms Frost sits patiently and usually poker faced, scribbling notes while Tarquin beats up Sebastian or Agamemnon-Marie throws her tepid rice pudding at her tearful mother.

These kids behave like Spoilt Bastard from Viz comic as they know the "rules" they live under and know just how far they can push against them.

McIntyre screamed he was a victim of police brutality when it can be clearly seen he is being obstructive and basically a cunt. In the world he and Meadows inhabit the police can tell you what to do but if you don't feel like doing it, then the police have no right to use physical force to make you. their minds any show of physical strength by the filth is inappropriate and proof of the Nazi, Orwellian nightmare of police brutality the UK has begun.

From day two onwards on Super Nanny, Jo Frost rolls up her sleeves and says “right you, here’s the rules. Don’t like them? Tough! But you WILL obey them or be punished for it!”.

For the first few days there are tears, squabbling and even physical tantrums until the new regime is accepted and they realise “hey, if I don’t act like a complete idiot I am treated well by not only Jo but also mummy and daddy”. By the end of the week they are invariably better behaved, happier and sometimes actually like Jo enough to hug her goodbye or even blub when she gets in her limo to leave.

The UK is constantly on Super Nanny Observation Day as we have a public that regard the police as a nuisance who they can ignore if they see fit. Onanists like McIntyre who deliberately wind up cops and then scream “poor disabled me” when the cops do no more than act lawfully is a prime illustration of just how bad things have become.

All it would take is to get some serious cops on the streets who remain polite up until people get stupid and then simply nick them and don’t mess about and who don’t have to worry about how it “looks” in the media.

If authority has no respect, people won’t respect authority.


  1. Ha ha ha, Alfie Meadows just handed the lying police hooligan scum their arses on a plate.

    Inspector Gadget's attempt to pervert the course of justice backfired and he's hiding in a cupboard fearing for his job.

    Hope they privatise the rest of you educational failures, then you'll know what all the decent people in this country are protesting about.


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  3. Try using your real name. I'm using mine. Then you might get taken seriously.


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