Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Emperor's New Clothes and the English Defence League.

The time has come (the walrus said).

For years, like an itch I couldn’t quite scratch, the opinion of Diversity that white average people in the UK have been forced to follow has bothered me. I’ve never been overtly intolerant but the rules as they exist in the UK at the moment assume that any white, Anglo Saxon Protestant who is male and likes to go to bed with ladies is fundamentally a Racist in Waiting and, like a sleeper agent for the KGB, will jump at the chance to victimise a gay, transgender Sikh once given “the signal” (presumably the cry of “torch the corner shop!!!”).

When I was at school there were very few minorities. From 1974 to 1987 only a handful of non-white people shared my classroom and I never went to school with anyone who was gay. We told racist jokes and it was not, as common opinion would have you believe, that we were dripping with hatred of black skin, but mainly because everyone else was doing it and peer pressure held sway (as it tends to when you’re 9) and despite what anyone claims now, some of the jokes despite being awful, were actually quite funny in the same way Monty Python’s Life of Brian is a right hoot.

We were told at school that racism was wrong along with sexism (although homophobia was more or less tolerated with even Ben “Left Wing, Annoying, PC, Arsehole” Elton having characters call each other “poofs” in the 80s comedy show The Young Ones) and also criticising religion (although the only other one most of us had heard about was Muslim). Teachers took a common sense view of such rotten behaviour and when two boys wrote racist words on the board about the one Pakistani lad in the school they were immediately taken out and suspended for 3 days while the remainder of the class were sternly told by the Head and Deputy Head just how serious this type of thing was.

As I went forward to University the angry young man/ woman/ transgender thing was really taking off and at Preston Polytechnic (now UCLAN) in 1992 you had a paid full time Sexual Harrasment Officer, an elected, paid, full time Women’s Officer and an unpaid but elected Lesbian and Gay Officer plus various Student Union societies such as Black society, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual society (we hadn’t yet tacked on Transgender) plus of course a Women’s society.

The Sexual Harrasment officer was female and never investigated one single claim against a woman by a man (or a same sex complaint) yet was personally responsible for the sackings or resignations of at least half a dozen men just in the 3 years I was at UCLAN. One guy was dismissed by a body comprised of her plus 5 other women and it was only weeks after he’d gone that anyone bothered to point out that that body had no legal or official existence, let alone the right to dismiss anyone. An amateur photographer on my Law degree was suspended for handing out leaflets reception offering jobs as “glamour models” to female students. He consulted a barrister, got the decision overturned and cost the Uni a packet in compensation.

The female Women’s officer (formerly the Lesbian and Gay officer) was the angriest of angry and barely survived a vote of No Confidence after being quoted in the national media as saying “if a man buys a woman flowers and chocolates to ensure sex upon a one night stand then that is rape”.

The Black society were not censured in the slightest after tearing down posters advertising a White society. Similarly the Wimmin’s society were secretly applauded for wrecking any chance of starting a Men’s society (although I took great delight in seeing how long it took them to tear down the spoof posters I put up for a live performance by “Warriors With Crowded Cod Pieces” to publicise their new album “Death Phallus”. Think they lasted about 20 minutes).

While most of us regarded this as a period of time that history would look back on and wince at, like a drunken aunt being photographed drunkenly dancing at a wedding, what we never expected was that this type of attitude would get into mainstream politics and even affect the police.

Now, in 2011 we have a march by the EDL. The English Defence League who, on February the 5th marched through Luton (the place of their birth) and attracted followers and supporters from 5 different countries. Their reason for being? At a homecoming parade for soldiers returning from Afghanistan in 2009, a group of Muslim extremists (all men) shouted abuse at the squaddies and held up signs saying “baby killers” and “butchers of Basra”. While later convicted of Public Order they refused to stand up for the judge (a woman) stating that in the Muslim faith standing for anyone except Allah is a cardinal sin. This later turned out to be utter shite after a tabloid newspaper contacted a senior Muslim scholar who said they’d made it up.

The fact that they not only believed but were proved right, that acting like this was something they would not suffer censure or harm for just shows how far from common sense we have now strayed. People here by the good grace and generosty of England feel it is appropriate to spit on England’s service personnel and upset the public, not to mention relatives and friends of dead or injured soldiers. While this behavior resulted only in prosecution under Section 4 Public Order Act (behaviour intended to cause harrasment, alarm or distress) they were not arrested (as the offence wasn’t that serious) and were merely summonsed to court. They were not imprisoned for their actions. They were not found in contempt of court for refusing to stand for the judge.

Conversely…if an incident is perceived to be racist by ANYONE present (be it a victim, witness or bystander) then the UK Police are obliged to record it as such. Cops can be dismissed for uttering ONE racist word while my own training in the English Police was 6 weeks on Race and Diversity…compared to one hour on use of my pepper spray and four hours on correct usage of the telescopic baton.

Now we find that there are unofficial Sharia courts operating in England. A form of law incompatible with the Human Rights Act. The EDL have stated that they have no problem with Muslims or with race. Their beef is that Muslim extremists are making other people’s lives a misery and Luton where the EDL were born, is beset with problems from extremist Muslim preachers and the young men they convert to hateful venomous ranting.

Back to my original point.

White people finding fault in anything non-white is automatically assumed to be racist or discriminatory in nature. The media and the British government have been only too happy to label the EDL as racist, despite the EDL’s repeated insistence that they welcome people from all faiths, religions and creeds and have both a Jewish and a Gay division. The fact that Tommy Robinson was angry enough to start “United Peoples of Luton” in response to the disgusting demonstration at the homecoming parade is something he has nothing but my respect and admiration for.

Labelling people as racist or Islamaphobic is too easy. Muslims themselves generally hate the views held by extremists that turn the Koran on its head and mutates the preachings and teachings into vile ideology. The most disturbing thing about most people’s reaction to this is that they automatically assume ANY organisation like the EDL is racist. From the BNP (self avowed racists, with a racist manifesto) to the English Nationalist Alliance (simply want English values and culture to be the priority) anyone critical of the ludicrous state of affairs in the UK is deemed to be intolerant.

While training for the cops I made a comment in class that I didn’t feel that illegal immigrants who had come to the UK merely to dissapear should be recorded as Missing Persons but instead the Home Office and Immigration should deal with the matter. Three months later my Sergeant found out I’d said it and made me do a 2 hour training package via the Force intranet to cure me of my impure, intolerant ways. The programme had absolutely no content on Illegals, but was full of shit about gays, Muslims, women, the disabled, black people and anyone who wasn’t white.

They appeared to think that by waving a magic wand over me they would make me into the mutated pillar of diversity they had heard about but noone had ever seen, even though the spell didn’t fit the curse. A severe case of the emperor’s new clothes.

In 2007 I was on duty at a major public order event, the week after the failed Glasgow bomb attack by Muslim extremists. We were told that s.44 of the Terrorism Act had been temporarily invoked (right to stop anyone without giving or even having a reason) and we were to utilise it. Under the bit about the Home Secretary authorising it and our Chief Constable ratifying it...there were in little letters "please don't stereotype what you believe a terrorist looks like". This basically covered the arse of our Force so they could always say "well, sorry Mr Singh but our nasty, white racist constables WERE told".

Last time I checked Al Qaeda weren't an equal opportunities employer.

Now finally our lettuce leaf Prime Minister David Cameron has admitted that multi-culturalism HASN’T worked and we now need to be more critical of crimes being committed without worrying that we will be perceived as a nasty, horrid Phobeist if the person committing it isn’t a straight, able bodied white man.

Enoch Powell made a famous speech about this in ths 1960s. History is judging him a little less harshly.

English Defence League. If you continue as you are you have my complete support.

P.s. It’s worth noting that there have been more arrests at EDL marches of Unite Against Fascism supporters than of EDL members.


  1. Lance wrote: "Muslims themselves generally hate the views held by extremists that turn the Koran on its head and mutates the preachings and teachings into vile ideology."

    The sad fact however, is that these "extremists" can justify their vile ideology down to the very last detail by reference to the Koran, Hadith and Sira. The moderates have yet to put forward any Islamic justification for being moderate.

    There are those who say that Islam is a "Religion of Peace", but either they are misinformed, or they are indulging in taqqiyya (Islamicly mandated lying to advance the cause of Islam). Of course there are peaceful bits in the Koran, but they are from Mohammed's early period in Mecca. They are all abrogated (countermanded) by contradictory statements from his later and more successful career in Medina.

    While I would welcome an Islamic justification of a moderate Islam, I do not believe that it can be done. Unlike Christianity, in which scholars can always discuss new interpretations of biblical passages, Islam does not permit such thinking. In their view the whole issue was settled by about 1000 AD, and any subsequent discussion of such matters is apostasy, for which the penalty is death. Islam's own view of itself, is that Islam (as revealed by Allah in the Koran, and exemplified by Mohammed in the Hadith and the Sira) is perfect. For otherwise Allah would not have revealed it.

  2. The last comment is ill informed as any discussion between sheer or she'ite muslims would attest. Much like jews and christians there are various factions who chose to lay more credence to certain parts of the scripture than others. And it's being regularly updated with new fatwahs issued. (Cf. some funky christians who still largely take for gospel certain parts of leviticus which advocate keeping slaves and selling your daughter into prostitution or whatever rubbish is in their which is no longer remotely revelent to modern society).

    Judge a man by his actions not his words. The EDL act like utter cunts and when they're not acting like cunts they act like slimeballs.


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