Friday, 30 July 2010

The stool scam

A friend of mine told me this story. I laughed so hard I hurt my ribs.

In Thailand while on a "Gentlemen's Week" (i.e. a Stag Do) him and his friends found a bar where there was a big pot of cash to be won if you were able to shit on the barmaid's face.

A stool was in the centre of the bar with a hole cut in the middle of the seat (think Casino Royale torture scene). The woman would lie underneath the hole facing up and various drunken guys would hoik their trousers down and attempt to take a dump on her.

All to no avail.

The pot of cash got bigger and bigger and noone was able to do it.

Him and his mates sat close to the action and figured out why.

The barmaid had ice in her mouth and as the guys started to strain she would blow gently on their ringpieces causing the anus to contract, meaning it was impossible to crap.

Determined to win the cash he says his mate Kevin went out the next day and ate and drank as much as he could and held it without going to the lavatory.

That night they returned to the bar and apparently the barmaid's expression went from boredom, to puzzlement to panic as she frantically blew ice cold air on this guy's nipsy but was unable to stop the avalanche.

Quote "he completely pancaked her face".

Bar manager apparently was a good sport and handed over the pot of cash while his missus went for a shower.

The things people do for money.

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