Saturday, 20 February 2010

Automated Messenger Predators

I was bored so played along. Does anyone actually fall for this shit?!!

Start of buffer: Tue Feb 09 00:21:20 2010 hi

The Lance: hello hey babes ;)

The Lance: err...hi hey

The Lance: ? think we chatted before right?

The Lance: flibbidydibbidydob i'm sorry i get to be forgetful at times!! how're you?

The Lance: fish and chips, wibble i'm 24/f ......u?

The Lance: 15 nice, I just got out of the shower and finally got some time to relax ..what are you up to?

The Lance: having a wank Nice..I'm feeling a little naughty

The Lance: I have just killed my grandmother with a rotary hedge trimmer Yeah I'm horny lol ..sorry if that's forward that cool?

The Lance: show us your tits you slag love to show off :)

The Lance: I bet you're a right minger I need a man who can make me squirt..have u ever made a girl squirt??

The Lance: fuck's sake this gets worse. Haven't you bastards got any lines I haven't heard before. Yes, I have actually, last time I slit some womans' you would think that me typing that last bit would have your running screaming but oh no, I bet the next line will be you continuing to flirt like a drunken slut and offering me a webcam right? mhhm make me your slut ;)

The Lance: ok, give me all your money that you got off the gullible twats that fall for this shit and then fuck off mhhm fuck me;)

The Lance: ok, as long as it's with a broom handle up your arse lolz yeah i need it babe...i'm so worked up..wanna see what i look like?? i've got a sweet ass that loves attention!!

The Lance: go see a proctologist if you've got problems "round the back". You're probably some hairy arsed badger baiter anyway do you cam?

The Lance: no matter what I type you'll still go down this road as you are some illiterate berk without an immigration visa in a makeshift office somewhere in Haradjistan. So, lob thee thou holy hand grenade at thine enemies, who being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it hehe u sure u can handle me when i'm naughty?

The Lance: aha! it's key words is it!!! ok errr...knickers, asses/ arses, tits, fannies, sluts, cum and cocks. Let's see what you make of that lot, you predatory fuckwit mhhm make me your slut ;)

The Lance: predictable Well i don't do msn cam or any other cam because i have been recorded before... But i do know one site you can watch me on cam, that assures me no one records...

The Lance: how about if I type STOP TALKING TO ME RIGHT NOW YOU WANKER!!!

The Lance: guess that won't work though will it I mean... Do you want to see me on my cam?

The Lance: thought not, no I don't. I want you to kill yourself Ok go to accept the invite on the page baby

The Lance: Berry Juice? Fucking 'ell!!! Nice CB handle. sweet, fill out ur info..takes 2 secs..don't worry it's free!! i can't wait for you to see me baby let me find something nice to wear or maybe nothing at all ;) ..k?

The Lance: you really are a cunt aren't you? cum rub my cunt ;)

End of buffer: Tue Feb 09 00:21:20 2010

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