Wednesday, 10 December 2008

SAW V and Being Grumpy

In the run up to Xmas I'm finding most things very boring, particularly as I'm totally skint and only got €707 in my wage packet due to the infuriatingly slow pace in my volume of lessons.

A market near to the schools I work at has lots of strange men with stranger accents who call you “friend” as soon as you get within 10 feet of their stalls. I was feeling especially grumpy last week due to the weather and being bereft of all except the most basic funds and while browsing a stall selling PC accessories had the stall holder's mate standing next to me constantly going “PREGO, PREGO, PREGO?” (can I help you? x 3). It was getting right on my tits, particularly as it sounded like some sort of Buddhist chant. After about the sixth time I went “is that some kind of prayer mantra?” which he didn't understand and when he still kept doing it I yelled “JUST LOOKING! JUST LOOKING! JUST LOOKING!” at him.

Went to see SAW 5 at the flicks on Saturday. Was hoping it would be in English but this installment doesn't seem quite so popular as the others so it was only in Italian. Kid behind me with his girlfriend had his foot up on the chair next to mine and kept tapping it on the headrest. No big deal normally but this vibrated along to me and was irritating and distracting. I put up with it for a few minutes and then asked him to knock it off.

“Not on your chair”

“I can still feel it mate. Keep still”.

Couple of minutes of calm then he's off again so I turned round and said if he didn't pack it in I'd move and sit next to him, which as he was intermittently snogging his girlfriend so hard that his tongue was practically cleaning the inside of her stomach, would probably have cramped his style. He mumbled and looked away and stopped being a pain but then a big group of kids came and sat down (the cinema in their genius allocate all tickets to the same area meaning everyone sits together, even if the cinema is half empty). I got up and shifted to the front row and had a pleasant time watching impromptu tracheotomies, decapitations, blood donations and pendulum swings while the middle aged bloke two rows from where I'd moved from kept yelling at the kids to be quiet.

I'm finding writing a book therapeutic although it is taking some discipline to get it on from day to day. I do 'morning pages' now which is two pages in a notebook of whatever is in your head as you write. Reccomended by Stephen King this has to be done as soon as you wake up, although I usually start after a piss and a glass of water.

Turns out it's not only British and American companies that are against the wall, Alitalia is about to go under and declare bankruptcy. Oh God Bless the free market economy.

Had a lesson with a cute 27 year old Italian woman today at short notice as her regular teacher had to fly home for a funeral. She was well tasty and I was quite pleased about the very pleasant 90 minutes in her delectable company when she spoilt it by putting on a large, white, woollen bobble hat that made her look like a Smurf.

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